I do practical things for the people let good policies into effect

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Recently, the main road outside the gate of longrunyuan community was flooded with traffic. Zhu Ting, a resident, was preparing to drive to her workplace. “The gravel road at the gate of longrunyuan community has become a smooth cement road, so we don’t have to take long detours to work anymore.The “convenience” zhu Ting said is one of the achievements yingbin Street has made in advancing the grass-roots governance system and mechanism of “whistling and reporting for duty” under the guidance of party building.Comparison of road hardening before and after at the entrance of Ruixiangyuan District.(File photo) Last June, yingbin Street Party Working Committee to play the role of “street township whistle, department report” mechanism, to solve the area in front of the Ruixiang garden road hardening problem.In November of the same year, yingbin Sub-district Party Working Committee again coordinated with Karamay District Bureau of Housing and Construction, traffic management, urban management and other units. After two months of communication, planning and rectification, the T-junction between Weiqi Road and Xihuan Road was successfully opened in January this year, which solved the travel problems of more than 4,000 residents in Longshang Community.Since last year, firmly grasp the party lead the yingbin street “mainline”, continue to promote “street township whistled, department report” about work, actively explore building a set of suitable area actual situation of grassroots governance mechanism, form the core, add “catch” work plan – which is to seize the street party working the “core” and focus on improve street departments to coordinate ability,To build it into a strong “axis” for overall planning of regional governance, effective connection of all parties, coordination and command, to ensure the high-quality development of grassroots governance work of the jurisdiction;Give full play to the important role of the sub-district Party Working Committee in political leadership, organizational leadership, ability leadership, mechanism leadership and other aspects, constantly break administrative barriers and institutional constraints, the Party’s strength, the Party’s ideas to all grassroots “nerve end”, so that the Party’s political advantages, organizational advantages really into grassroots governance advantages.Work ability of guaranteed at the same time, under the unified coordination of district party committee government, yingbin street in leading grassroots governance, service to the masses, the party should build on to do “addition”, actively promote jurisdiction depth of all kinds of social organizations, enterprises and institutions to participate in grassroots governance, the jurisdiction of grassroots governance maximum integrated utilization of resources, solution around the difficulty to “” in sorrow.”In the future, we will continue to play a leading role in party building, with a pragmatic style of ‘what the people expect and what WE do’, and make good use of the ‘whistle-blowing in the streets and townships and reporting to the departments’ mechanism, so that the Party’s good policies are truly implemented and benefit the people under the jurisdiction.”Yingbin street Party working committee related person in charge said.Source: Karamay Daily all media reporter Yang Yi Peishan correspondent Li Shan