My god!When does the wind and rain come off?Here comes the latest news

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Oh, my God!Very not easy look forward to the lunar New Year holiday but it seems to be to send New Year gift bag plans for a lot of friend wave after wave of “nothing” is really let a person want to diligence than small make up the “god” to “fu” rain “or” think about the moral of this well is also very good the well-meaning we received!All right, all right, it’s all about when the rain will stop. The latest news!Quanzhou tomorrow night rain stop overcast yesterday the whole city fell in the rain, this morning the rain had a short rest, but around 10 in the morning began the city and gradually under the light rain, the air humidity is larger, today the highest temperature 7~14℃, coastal wind 5~6, gusts 7~8, the body feels the temperature is lower.Quanzhou Meteorological Observatory continues to issue yellow warning signal for strong wind at 17:56 on February 02, 2022: affected by cold air, it is expected that there will still be strong northeast wind of 8 ~ 9 in quanzhou coastal areas in the next 12 hours.Please take precautions!It is expected that the rain in Quanzhou will gradually increase from today’s night to tomorrow’s day, with light rain to moderate rain in the whole city and heavy rain in the mountainous area. Tomorrow night, the precipitation will gradually weaken and turn to cloudy weather. Remember to carry rain gear when visiting relatives and friends and pay attention to traffic safety.In the next two days, the temperature in Quanzhou will not change much compared with today. The temperature in the urban area will be 10-13℃. At the same time, the wind in the coastal area will continue to be strong, with gusts of up to 7-8.Today is the second day of the year is still visiting relatives and friends (go to mother-in-law home work) say you ate a few meals today?Next xiaobian is going to give you a hard dish!Xinhua News Agency quanzhou weather and other Quanzhou evening news reporter: You Yibing editor: Zhang CAI Review: Jiang Xiaoyuan healthy New Year, please stick to the post of xiaobian transfer praise