“Today’s Media Gathering” Global Media Review on “Snow Snow Goddess”

2022-06-12 0 By

On the 15th, Beijing Olympic snowboarding in the final of men’s big platform of China Su Yi sound with the perfect play of the first two rounds, with total score of 182.50 won the first gold individual, is also the Chinese team 6 gold MEDALS in the Olympics, 12 MEDALS, created China’s best result on this project and the Olympic winter games the most gold MEDALS, the record for the most MEDALS.After the race, people from all walks of life sent blessings and divine comments to Su.Su Bingtian thumbs up for Su Yiming: you are the god of Snow Su!Su Yiming wins gold medal in men’s snowboard platform final!These days, Su Yiming “little Su God” nickname spread like wildfire, after the race @Su Bingtian also recorded a video to congratulate him, Su Bingtian said: “at the age of 17, you can complete the world’s most difficult movements, and stand on the highest podium, we are proud of you, you are the Snow Su God.”From Sina BBC commentary praised Su Yiming’s amazing jump: Newton’s coffin couldn’t hold down in the first round of the competition, Su Yiming challenged a difficult move outside the 1800 grab board, and scored 89.50 points.BBC Sport posted the clip on social media that afternoon with the caption “Isaac Newton’s coffin can’t hold down!”Isaac Newton would be turning in his grave at that!In the video, a BBC commentator says after Su’s first jump: “Isaac Newton’s coffin couldn’t hold down!This is absolutely defying all the laws of physics!”French newspaper Le Figaro praised Chinese athlete Su Yiming for what it called a “textbook performance” and attached a video to the article.Le Figaro said: “From his astonishing height and perfect landing.He certainly pulled off a series of complex moves.”The official Twitter account of Eurosport France also praised the match, saying it was “a feast and 17 year old Su dazzled everyone!”NBC described Su as “unbelievable” in its Olympic coverage Twitter account, “Su scored 93.00 points in his second run, which gave him the men’s snowboard big jump gold medal!”CNN (CNN) also reported the news in the first time, said that Su Yiming’s gold medal is also the sixth gold medal of the Chinese delegation this Winter Olympics.China has enjoyed the “most successful Winter Olympics” as a host, breaking the previous record of five gold MEDALS set in Vancouver in 2010.Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian’s eight-word comments Su Yiming wins gold: A blockbuster makes historyGu Ailing need not worry any more!Yesterday, the scene of Gu Ailing eating leek zygote between competitions went viral online.But in the post-match interview, when foreign media reporters asked her, “What did you just eat?”Gu Was stumped by the English translation of Leek zygote.Leek zygote in English exactly how to say?According to The Beijing Tourism website, the official English name of Fried Chinese Leek Dumplings is Fried Chinese Leek Dumplings.However, some netizens suggested that we should name our own things “Jiucai Hezi”.From netease sports source: Beijing daily client | journalists Chen Ying process editor: U065 copyright statement: text copyright owned by Beijing news group, without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.