All members of “Yunde Information” Yunde Law Firm wish people all over the country a happy New Year!(The fifth day of the first lunar month)

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The fifth day of the first lunar month, commonly known as the Fifth day of the first lunar month, is one of the traditional festivals of the Han nationality with a long history.In the old days, there were many taboos among the people from the first to the fifth day, such as cooking with raw rice, women’s needlework, cleaning and breaking.After the fifth day, these taboos are lifted, so this day is called “Po Wu”.Send poor: it is a very distinctive custom in ancient China.Its meaning is to offer poor ghost (poor god).There are many other names for sending the poor, such as “send five poor”, “drive five poor”, “send poor soil”, “send poor clothes”.Folk think, New Year’s day to break five not garbage, can gather money, otherwise it will pour “blessing”.However, the garbage is much, after all, affect health, so to the fifth day to pour out, and there is a particular, called “send poor”.Open trade: During the Spring Festival, shops and shops close together from the beginning of the year and open on the fifth day of the first lunar month.Custom to the fifth day of the first month for the holy day of wealth, that choose this day to open the market will bring in money.Review of Previous periodsConnected together ┃ winder (shenzhen) law firm was awarded the xi ‘an people’s government in shenzhen office legal services “braving the designated units The mutant Northwest only ┃ winder law launched the third city partners to recruit low only selected national | winder law firms in China’s higher education expo 2020 “double hundred university-enterprise cooperation plan” typical case”Every day we are moving forward in ┃ winder, a law firm in 2021, the cloud (a) New Year’s day New Year Spring Festival gala opening sequence chapter speech | battle run-off Betting on low establishment of the association of xi “an insolvency administrator!Yunde law firm has become a unit member of Xi ‘an Bankruptcy Administrators Association, and lawyers hu Xiaoqing and Zhao Xiaochuan have become individual members of the association.Low winder firms shortlisted for the shaanxi provincial units again law designated supplier of services into the YunDeYun lawyer office address: xi ‘an yanta district in qujiang intelligence building, cultural creativity winder (Beijing) law firm address: Beijing xueyuan road haidian district characterized by building at hkust winder (Shanghai) law firm, address:Shen gang road pudong new area, Shanghai lingang financial building winder (chengdu) law firm address: high-tech zone of chengdu tianfu avenue north the new century global center winder (nanjing) law firm address: nanjing gulou zhongshan north road purple peak tower winder (zhengzhou) law firm address: zhengzhou city green space center winder thousand seal square law firm (shenzhen) address:Shenzhen nanshan district in southern street north ring road company winder sky square law firm (urumqi) address: urumqi ShuiMoGou area green space center winder chihoi’s building law firm (hanzhong) address: grassland, the part area of west han han fu residence popular bridge international A winder (west salty new district) lawyer office address: xi ‘an west salty district being east east new town is being I cube