Fight the United States aid toward: the small soldier went to the toilet delayed the retreat, decided to stick to the hill, but made great success

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Jiang’s first joke: In wartime, it was dangerous to go to the toilet.And today we tell the historical story is, during the War of Resistance to the United States and Aid Korea, an 18-year-old soldier was delayed to retreat because he had to go to the toilet urgently.When he tried to retreat, the enemy had already advanced.Instead of being afraid of a large number of American troops, he fought the enemy alone, repulsed nine enemy charges.So, what kind of heroic story is this?Let’s talk slowly!Seventy-one years ago, that is, at the end of January 1951, pan Tianyan, who was only 18 years old, came from Yuan Wharf Village, Xian ‘an Town, Zhijiang City, Hubei Province, was already a volunteer. At this time, he followed the 334 regiment of the 112th Division of the 38th Army to hold their ground.At that time, his unit was in charge of defending Dinggai Mountain near Icheon.In the war of resistance to the United States and Aid to Korea, the weapons of the enemy and me were seriously unbalanced.The us-led coalition forces have more advanced weapons.There were planes in the sky, tanks below and artillery in the distance.So on January 28, 1951, the Americans sent a regiment of soldiers, backed by tanks, to storm.Can the soldiers of 334 Regiment of the 112th Division of the 38th Volunteer army hold dinggai Hill?After all, the enemy has aircraft and artillery, but our volunteers do not have these hard weapons, what they have is flesh and steel will, so it is very difficult to hold.Even so, the U.S. -led coalition forces failed to take this position until the morning of The 30th.To say the least, the exasperated Americans, never stingy with their ammunition in battle, called up artillery and bombarded position 256.4 heavily and indiscriminately for two hours.After the artillery bombardment, eight aircraft were sent to bombard and strafe the position.The planes and artillery in front were just paving the way, but as soon as the fire stopped, the Americans sent in their infantry to take the hill.The heights were not conducive to tank attacks, so the American infantry had a very difficult time attacking the hills.Two American infantry battalions stormed 256.4 Heights shortly after nine o ‘clock that morning.Without aircraft and artillery bombardment, the Infantry had no advantage over the volunteers.So while they were hunched over the hill, the volunteers came out of their trenches and fought like mad.Heavy losses for us troops!Today to say the hero called Pan Tianyan, he is in class six even nine.He may be short, but he is brave and very clever.Before melee, hand grenades were a very good weapon, hiding in a trench and watching the enemy throw a grenade, you can blow up the enemy.After all, there was a big gap in weapons and troops between the two sides, so some soldiers still attacked the mountain after repeated attacks by the U.S. army.Even when the Americans hit the mountain.Because a volunteer soldier would have a tactical plan for such a situation.And Pan Tianyan also has his unique method.After experiencing several back and forth, you advance I retreat, attack and defense between the battle, gave this little soldier some inspiration.Sometimes when the enemy is on the top of the mountain, you will lose if you fight with them. So what should we do?Pan Tianyan ahead of a few grenades tied together, buried in front of fortifications.What he did was essentially build a landmine, except that the six grenades needed to be detonated by hand, so he pulled the grenade loops together with wire and rope and covered them with a hat or earth.If they can’t stand the enemy’s attack and let them come up, they hide behind rocks or other shelters, waiting for the right moment to pull the rope or wire in their hands.The impact of these six grenades was so great that the Americans in the vicinity were either killed or wounded.Although the war of resistance to the United States and aid to Korea ended with the defeat of the UNITED Forces led by the United States, their offensive power is not to be underestimated.Guarding heights 256.4 was also extremely difficult.Having repelled three enemy attacks, Class 9 received orders at noon to pull back and concentrate the main forces on the main position.Fall back!Because it’s more defensive.After the order was issued, the nine class monitor quickly organized the soldiers to retreat, but at this time pan Tianyan had a stomach.People have three urgent, even in wartime, bad stomach to go to the toilet is imminent.Pan Tianyan at this time has no attention to the American attack how fierce, just find a corner convenient.He is only 18 years old, but he has already developed this fearlessness on the battlefield.He did not frown when a bullet flew overhead, when a shell exploded not far away.In the sound of gunfire, Pan Tianyan finally convenient finished, put on his pants to retreat but found that the troops had already withdrawn far away, and the American army attacked.How to do?At this time he wanted to retreat is not realistic, rashly retreat is likely to be found by the Us army, and then the US army from behind him “out”.In front of that, although Pan Tianyan is not big, compared with the American soldiers a big cut, but he is brave.Since there was no way to retreat, he went ahead and took cover, striking with grenades while the Americans thought no one was letting up on the hill.At first, the United States also thought that there was no volunteer soldiers on the hill, so pantiyan threw a grenade scared a big jump, squeaky crooked scattered back down.After all, Pan tianyan was the only soldier in his position on 256.4, so he was in serious danger.If the Americans find out he’s alone, they’ll surround him, and he’ll be damned.Small soldiers Pan Tianyan at this time know troops have returned to the main position, and they face several times their own enemy, return is to keep it?Pan Tianyan is not tall, but courageous.Looking at the enemy not far away from him, he had no idea of retreat, only one idea in mind: fight with them!Kill one enemy without loss, kill two for profit.Of course, Pan Tianyan is not foolhardy, because he knows that the United States has always been timid, dare not easily bold.And it was his familiarity with the terrain that gave him the opportunity to maneuver with the Americans.As hard as it is to do it alone, something worse has happened.When he checked the ammunition before the enemy attacked, he found that there was only one bullet in the gun.Good thing there were a few grenades.But with that kind of ammunition, dealing with the more sophisticated and well-equipped Americans is like throwing a stone against a stone.In fact, Pan Tianyan at this time if the American troops have not returned to hurriedly retreat or have a chance, but he did not do that.As the elapse of time, Pan Tianyan discovers suddenly, why gun sound stopped?Sneaky Pan Tianyan hurriedly looked out of the head, at this time he found that there were a few American soldiers want to secretly climb up.Had the Americans realized that he was the only soldier in the field?So they want to take prisoners?After all, came over in a hail of bullets, Pan Tianyan and not afraid, but brainwave, shouted at the top of his voice: “the enemy up, we are ready to grenade ah!”After all, the American soldiers do not understand The Chinese, although it is so, but they were pantiyan this voice was scared, unknown they hurriedly lie down.Although they avoided pan Tianyan threw grenades, but they did not think that Pan Tianyan this is a diversion, he took advantage of the American troops lying on the ground to avoid the time, has quickly around to their back.The six American soldiers were still firing at the spot where Pan had just begun to shout, but they did not realize that the men were already circling behind them, and they did not even notice when two grenades landed beside them.In this way, the six American soldiers were unawares blown up and returned home.The American attack ended in failure again!As mentioned above, the United States is not stingy with guns and ammunition, but they care most about their own lives!Several attacks failed to capture the hill, so they resumed heavy artillery bombardment.At this point, Pan Tianyan has not to retreat the idea, but is taking advantage of the enemy did not send soldiers to attack the gap hurriedly collect ammunition.(No guns, no guns, the enemy sent us.)Even as enemy artillery bombarded the area, he remained remarkably calm in his shelter, looking out.I even thought: I fight alone on this mountain, even if I die in the battle, there is nothing, if I can delay the Attack of the Americans because of my own, how much waste of their time and shells that is worth it!At this time Pan Tianyan has hit the experience, put the collected grenades in each position.That way, he’ll be more flexible when shifting battles.A person fighting early will be exposed, and the American army has been slow to occupy the mountain, it has become abnormal crazy.Fortunately, Pan tianyan collected more grenades, so when the enemy surrounded him, he saw the right time to throw grenades.In this way, he shuttled back and forth in the trenches, throwing grenades that made the American soldiers howl.Of course, the Americans were not without grenades, and they threw them as hard as they could, from the bottom up, into the trenches.There is a grenade fell to pan Tianyan’s feet, fortunately he found in time, and the reaction is also very fast, by his efforts to kick the grenade.By an extraordinary coincidence, the grenade he kicked off landed right on top of the American soldier.The enemy was then unwittingly sent home by his own grenade.Although Pan tianyan was the only volunteer soldier in this position, his comrades in the main position saw him, so they supported him with fire as much as possible.In this way, Pan Tianyan beat back the enemy’s charge again and again.When the enemy rested and dared not attack, he gathered guns and ammunition.Back and forth he fought off nine American attacks.Pan Tianyan can withstand the enemy’s attack, first of all to benefit their courage and wisdom.More importantly, he has the main force on the main battlefield to give him fire support.It is also important that the trenches and air-raid shelters dug by the soldiers play an important role in protection.Without these trenches and bomb shelters, he would have been overwhelmed by American artillery.The American attack was in all directions, and every soldier in the 334th was not a vegetarian.Both fighting the You.s. Army.So, although Pan Tianyan is alone in 256.4 highland, but in fact, he is not a lone hero, because there are powerful comrade-in-arms behind him.Nine American charges failed to capture the high ground, while our troops seized the opportunity to counterattack and drove the enemy back.The war broke out in the early 1950s.A movement of the Chinese People’s Volunteers to defend the country and support the Korean people against the American invasion.The war, which began in October 1950 and ended in July 1953, resulted in more than 630,000 casualties between the Chinese and Korean armies, and more than 570,000 casualties between the US-led coalition forces and the South Korean army.The volunteer army performed many heroic deeds in this war.1. Qiu Shaoyun, whom we are familiar with.On October 12, 1952, his company was killed by fire in a counterattack on the Pyeongkang Front, which occupied the 391 Heights west of Kimhwa.Just imagine, when we are burned by the head of a match, the whole person will be very painful, but can withstand the intense pain of the fire burning body, motionless lie there, only 21 years old to die, this is how strong?On October 19, 1952, huang Jiguang blocked the enemy’s bullet hole with his chest in the Battle of Shangganling.Third, the lone hero Hu Xiudao.In the battle of Shangganling in 1952, Hu Xiudao, his squad leader and other three men repelled the charge of hundreds of enemy troops again and again at 597 Heights.4, and today said the lone hero Pan Tianyan!It has been nearly 70 years since the end of the Korean War, and we must not forget the volunteers who participated in the war.Hundreds of thousands of brave volunteers remained in that field forever.But their name, their spirit, will always inspire the next generation.So, my generation when self-improvement!Although there are no big wars in the world at present, these Western powers are still eyeing us covetously.We must not let our guard down, let alone forget the nature of these Western powers.They themselves rely on the invasion of the start, in their bones flowing is not ploughing, love war.So there’s no point in arguing with these robbers.Because the truth is always in the cannon!Just like the war of Resistance to The United States and Aid to Korea, the signing of the armistice agreement was completely dependent on the defeat of the allied forces by the volunteers.Which means it was won on merit.Therefore, only when you are strong, you will be hard at the negotiating table, and others will respect you.Once again to participate in the United States to aid the soldiers, as well as Pan Tianyan this kind of lone heroes salute!And, of course, hats off to war correspondents.(Xu Jiangbao)