Honda new CITY exposure, fit with the same 1.5 engine + hybrid, competing santana, quite handsome

2022-06-14 0 By

In addition to the benchmark models like Volkswagen Santana, Volkswagen Jetta and Honda Fit that we are familiar with, the new family compact car from Honda that we want to share with you today is also very powerful, which is the latest Honda front model.Honda new CITY exposure, fit with 1.5 + hybrid engine, santana, competition is quite handsome, first of all, according to the configuration of the vehicle to see this from Honda’s new home small, basic use of the same power as the Honda fit platform, which we are familiar with a 1.5 -liter naturally aspirated engine and CVT transmission power combination,At the same time, this model can also choose the latest 1.0T turbocharged engine of Honda, and this model also provides two different appearance models of hatchback version and three-hatchback version, and adds more fashionable design techniques in vehicle design elements, making this car more popular with young people.From the outside, this model can have a lot of and a new Honda civic and Honda accord similar design concept, which not only use the large size of chrome plated intake grille adornment, but also has a matrix headlamps and flat car modelling design, at the same time sharp body side waist line and surrounded by the latest style of body, there is a new style of aluminum alloy wheel hub,All these make this car present a very good dynamic atmosphere, and the textured body paint and delicate LED taillights make this car look more fashionable and grand.Inside the vehicle, this model is also equipped with the latest style of tough decorative lines, and a more practical center console and a new style of seats, look and we are familiar with the Honda fit basic similar, and this model in the car storage space, like the Honda fit, performance is quite excellent.