Is the Ukrainian government trying to “sell out”?Mr Zelensky issued a “sin order”. Politicians raised national flags

2022-06-14 0 By

Now the Ukraine issue is very dangerous, because there are many countries involved in the Ukraine issue, Europe, the United States and Russia have not been able to reach an agreement on the Ukraine issue.But at this crucial moment, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has pushed through a bill that has attracted widespread international attention and could have a huge impact on the future of Ukraine.The Ukrainian government suddenly traitors, President jersey even publish sin has fabricated according to media reports, Ukraine’s President, jersey, even in the recently signed a new law, clearly written in the law, the government of Ukraine will be in the next few years to increase its military commitment, they hope can be in three years, the number of the Ukrainian army extend to one hundred thousand people.It also systematically educates and cultivates the 100,000-strong army to become a fighting force capable of dealing with modern warfare.And Ukraine’s government now attitude, there was an obvious could spur to the regional situation, ze even, still have a letter to the public the sin, can say what other Ukrainian politicians against the government, can disregard the President, but he can’t ignore Ukraine in this country, all the Ukrainian government should consider from the Angle of the public.After Zelensky spoke, Members of the Ukrainian parliament brought out flags of the United States, Britain, Poland and Turkey, but none of Ukraine’s own.There is even a sense that the Ukrainian government is being traitorous.Every member of parliament seems to represent the interests of another country, which has caused an uproar in Ukraine.In fact, the Ukrainian government has become something of a puppet of the Western world.The situation in the region is very dangerous and Ukraine is going to start a war and now Ukraine is saying that it’s going to increase the training of its army and increase the number of troops, which is likely to further complicate the situation.Now the Ukraine issue is very dangerous, the Russian side has made it clear that if European and American countries invite Ukraine to join NATO, and deploy armed forces on the Russian border, Russia will not rule out strong means to protect their national interests.Isn’t Ukraine now pushing Russia’s limits?China has long made it clear that we hope that all stakeholders in Ukraine will resolve the issue through dialogue within the framework of the New Minsk agreement.No one wants to see war, and it is irresponsible for the Ukrainian government to think about the citizens of their country instead of pursuing their own political interests.Part of the message: Observation room 7