Lakers have no trade secrets!Stay for the offseason, targeting Lillard to restructure the big three

2022-06-14 0 By

The trade deadline for the 21-22 NBA season officially ended early this morning (Beijing time).The deadline was a busy day, with dozens of deals being made by as many as two dozen teams.Curiously, though, the Los Angeles Lakers, the league’s most pressing team, didn’t make any trades until the trade deadline.The Lakers actually attempted a trade back in December, but no combination of Westbrook, Tucker and Nunn’s contracts seemed to attract another team.The Los Angeles giants’ initial plan was to sell Westbrook this season, and they’re looking to bolster their roster with tucker, the ’27 first-round pick, and Nunn’s contract.In either case, the Lakers failed to find a suitable trade partner.It’s not hard to understand the lakers’ current situation, as any team negotiating a trade with the lakers is hoping to cash in on the urgency of the cash pile after westbrook’s plans failed.In the context of extremely difficult negotiations, it is better to save the current few chips for the summer than to burn the Bridges in pursuit of strengthening.That would almost be throwing the season away, but given the lakers’ increased leverage over the summer, they have a chance to make a major trade that could turn the team around, rather than finish the season with minor fixes.Come this summer, the Lakers will have westbrook, Tucker, Nunn and the 27th first-round pick, as well as first-round picks and swaps for next season.If we read the lakers’ plans from the trade deadline timeline, it’s not hard to see that the Announcement of a rebuild by the Blazers is an important point in time.The Blazers have clearly begun rebuilding after selling covington, Powell and CJ McCollum, raising the possibility that their franchise star, Lillard, will leave the team.In fact, as early as the beginning of this season, Lillard had been unhappy with the management of the replacement coach spread rumors of leaving the team.The Blazers say they will continue to build around Lillard, but the fact that the blazers front office traded its entire roster twice in a decade isn’t convincing.As soon as the Lakers realized the possibility of Lillard leaving the team, they held on to their cash and stopped trying to make offers for Tucker and the first-round pick, and it’s not hard to see how they’ve decided to try to pursue Lillard this summer.If Lillard were to leave, the lakers’ expier-heavy westbrook contract, two first-round picks and first-round swaps, plus the contracts of Tucker and Nunn would be an attractive offer for the rebuilding Blazers.For the Lakers, if they can land Lillard, the combination of Lillard, James and Davis will help the Los Angeles giants return to title contention in the coming seasons, and the deal centers on whether Lillard is eager to leave.While Lillard recently said he was willing to trust the front office, the Blazers clearly don’t trust Lillard as much as they once did after making a complete change of the front office.The Lakers have the most leverage as a potential buyer in the event of a contract extension gap.Even if they don’t land Lillard this summer, the lakers have enough money to compete for more stars.Do you think the Lakers have a chance to complete their roster and compete for a championship next season?Welcome to discuss in the comments section!