The railway sector serves agriculture, rural areas and farmers to provide strong transportation guarantee to ensure food security

2022-06-14 0 By

People’s Daily Online Beijing on March 31 (reporter Wang Lianxiang) according to the news of China national Railway Group, spring ploughing season, agricultural materials market demand is exuberant.In order to serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers and safeguard people’s livelihood, railway departments actively coordinated spring ploughing plans across the country, allocated transport capacity scientifically, and strengthened the transport of spring ploughing materials.Since the beginning of this year, the state railways have sent 14.078 million tons of fertilizer, agricultural machinery and other supplies to ensure food security.Harbin and Taiyuan Bureau of China Railway strengthened contact with agricultural materials sales departments and local enterprises, kept a timely grasp of local fertilizer production, transportation and sales, strengthened cargo handling organization, and ensured zero on-time entry, zero on-time operation and zero on-time delivery of spring ploughing materials transport trains.The Wuhan Bureau of China Railway has precisely met the needs of enterprises and allocated transportation capacity in a timely manner. Up to now, the freight stations within the railway have shipped 2.245 million tons of fertilizer this year, 306,000 tons more than last year.Lanzhou Bureau of China Railway made a plan to arrange loading and unloading labor in advance according to the loading volume, so as to ensure the priority delivery of spring ploughing materials.Chengdu Bureau of China Railway has planned and organized in advance to help villagers in Daliang mountain and Wumeng mountain area transport spring ploughing materials through public welfare “slow trains”, laying a solid foundation for local grain harvest.While doing a good job in transporting spring ploughing materials in China, railway authorities have opened green channels for the transport of imported agricultural machinery and fertilizer. Since this spring, the Alashankou port alone has imported 3,572 tons of agricultural materials via the China-Europe freight train.Relevant railway bureaus actively coordinated with customs departments to set up special acceptance Windows for spring ploughing materials, efficiently connected with the inspection and transportation of trains, and shortened the operation time of materials at ports to ensure timely delivery of spring ploughing materials to fields.