Why is that boy hiding his eyes?

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Once in a rule of law class, I noticed a little boy in the corner of the classroom. From time to time, he lowered his head and ducked his eyes. The scars on his face seemed to be out of place against the bright smiling faces next to him.”Class, in previous classes, we talked about fraud, violent injuries, school bullying, etc.As your Vice Chancellor for the Rule of Law, I particularly hope that you can turn to me when you are in trouble…”Despite repeated encouragement, the little boy never opened his mouth to tell me about his experience.After Song Shuang taught a sexual assault prevention course for primary school students, I went to the head teacher to learn about the situation, and learned that the child had been beaten by his father two days ago, with injuries on his face and hands.The teacher had a phone conversation with the boy’s father, who said, “Beating the boy is my family’s business and the school should not meddle in it.”I immediately fed back clues to the Women’s Federation and the Education Bureau and initiated the joint intervention mechanism for children in distress to intervene in this suspected child abuse incident.”Was it an incident or was it chronic abuse?””What is the child’s home custody status?””Does it reach the level of a crime?”With these questions, I, the women’s Federation and the staff of the Education Bureau decided to carry out home visits to find out the children’s living conditions outside school.The boy’s house is in a narrow alley.In the cramped space, the father was cooking.’What about the wound on the child’s face?As soon as we threw out the question, the boy answered first: “I am not obedient, my father is usually very good to me, uncle and aunt don’t catch my father…”He tugged at his father’s coat, his face confused as he explained.The child’s father looked ashamed.Originally, since the divorce 3 years ago, he took the child alone, by selling fast food to maintain a living, the family is very poor.Two days ago, he worked late and found his child missing when he returned home. He was very worried and searched the neighborhood for more than two hours before he found the playful child at his classmate’s home.In a fit of anger, he laid hands on the child.”The child does not beat the child, beat him is to let him learn to learn, after finishing very regret.Well, I hit him too hard.”We visited neighbors and the community and learned that aside from a few mild corporal punishment, my father had no history of abuse.”How do you handle this so that the father realizes the wrongness of spanking his child?””How to protect children from domestic violence, but also give timely supervision and help within our ability?”That night, we analyzed the possible adverse effects of beating and abusing education on children to the father in combination with the case, and warned him of the possible civil and criminal legal liabilities for domestic violence.At the same time, we liaise with schools to keep an eye on their children and send teachers to their homes to help them with their lessons.District women’s federation will boys into the “love piggy bank” project to provide long-term funding.In follow-up visits, the boy said that his father had stopped hitting him, that his temper had improved, and that the way father and son got along was slowly changing.When I just served as vice president of the rule of law, I thought that as long as the rule of law class is good, do a good job of legal publicity, I will be a qualified vice president of the rule of law.However, with the deepening of my work, I found that there is still a lot I can and should do.”Hello, is this the Wujiang District Procuratorate?I saw the phone number of the vice principal of the law school on the bulletin board of the school. I want to report to you that there is no zebra crossing at the gate of our school. It is very unsafe for children to cross the road after school…”Since serving as the vice president of the Legal Affairs Department, my colleagues and I have urged the school to implement the mandatory reporting system, timely handle or transfer the clues of victims of minors’ rights and interests, and actively safeguard the rights and interests of students.We participate in campus and surrounding public security governance, contribute to the construction of a safe campus, and strive to build a bridge between the school and the procuratorial, civil affairs, women’s federation, youth League Committee, customs committee and other departments linkage, strengthen the social assistance and judicial protection of left-behind children, children in difficulties, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors to the greatest extent.(Source: Procuratorial Daily, Song Shuang, Lu Zhijian, Huang Shan)