Jiangxi Ruijin: woven tomb-sweeping fire safety net

2022-06-15 0 By

“Comrade, here is forest area, trouble you put out the smoke.”Zhang Ma Lin, a forest ranger, stops passers-by from smoking in ganjiangyuan Nature Reserve in Ritong Township of Ruijin city, East China’s Jiangxi province, April 4, 2019.Zhang Ma Lin is the ganjiangyuan Nature Reserve Administration of the woodfish-shaped protection station chief, from the 1980s began to protect the safety of the forest station.”Qingming holiday can not be careless, because dry dry, combustible increase, easy to cause forest fires.”Zhang Marin said.During qingming Festival this year, the warm sun shines in Ruijin.In order to prevent the occurrence of forest fires, Ruijin city many measures simultaneously, weave a strong forest fire safety net.The city published and broadcasted forest fire prevention and civilized sacrifice propaganda slogans and fire prohibition notices in important sections of Ruijin Newspaper and important time periods of Ruijin radio and TELEVISION stations.Through the issuance of leaflets, brochures and “Open Letter to Farmer Friends to Do a Good job in Forest fire prevention work”, and farmers signed “Forest fire prevention Responsibility book”, the use of fire patrol propaganda vehicles, fire prevention banners and village broadcast, vigorously publicized the fire ban and forest fire prevention knowledge, improve the public awareness of fire prevention.Ruijin, meanwhile, actively organize the villages the ranger, fire wardens, lecture hall to carry out the forest fire prevention business, improving the capacity of forest fire prevention and fire skills, and urge to guide each key area reasonable protection saves power, promote fighting force, equipment, supplies and organize command “top three”, look the death on the key parts, to ensure that there is a fire out nearby, scientific disposal and put out quickly,Realize “play early, play small, play”;Carry out “some small widening hand, fire prevention, forest fire prevention education activities through the organization of primary and middle school students to participate in forest fire prevention (team) will focus on education, theme class, write a letter of advice for fire protection forest, blackboard, hand out the newspaper, theme composition, such as the importance of forest fire prevention and related laws and regulations knowledge to students’ parents,To form a good atmosphere of “national fire prevention” with the participation of the broad masses and joint efforts of the whole society.Signed by: Zheng Shaozhong