Snow drops flowers outside: Jiang Qingya tried to turn the tide, saving grace finally reported

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Under white light, the world is silent one, Lin guardian was awakened by a dazzling light consciousness, the painful meaning on the body is crushing the consciousness that he puts only, appeared in the mind that piece of smiling face like a flower, the inmost part of the heart is emerging ceaselessly angry meaning, and mix the unwilling of one cavity, xu is firm will, let him have a glimmer of vitality.In the days when he slept, the sun was shining every day, and he never knew what was happening outside, but he was possessed by a feeling of joy, as if he could get through these difficult years and usher in the spring season.Jiang Qingya looked at Lin Guard on the hospital bed, lip xihe, “Woodland Lu stepped down, your biological mother Cui Xiulian stood under the television station to all citizens opened the north and south of the conspiracy, the country finally had a lang Lang heaven and earth, but I do not want to go back, I do not want to make a decision for you, give up nationality, never go back.She then said beside Lin, “You saved me before, and I saved you this time. When you wake up, we will be even, but you have to wake up quickly. That huge amount of money, I used it as bait, and finally caught a big fish, but there was no joy.””In that moment, I suddenly saw everything around me, but also became a lonely apostle, a feeling that you might be able to wake up and relate to.”Jiang Qingya stood up and saw the beautiful scenery outside the window. Her depression swept away. “The world has changed colors, and our lives should have other colors.”She looked back, but saw Lin Guard opened his eyes, eyes reflected light golden yellow, Jiang Qingya had not clear is their hair color or the original color of the earth, a flash of joy, and collect the thin anger of hate iron not into steel, indifferent way: “wake up, then we do not owe the two.”Protect a face of vacant, Lin has some incredible, he has been holding the die of heart, in the biological mother abandoned him at that moment, he had secretly sigh of relief, the short years, he has always believed that what he had done everything is in order to protect country, protect the younger sister, now his efforts as to the safety of his sister, how much he want to Cui Xiulian will lend a helping hand.Jiang Qingya knew that he had a lot of things to know, but she suddenly did not want to do too much explanation, “BUT I spent a lot of effort to save you back, now also broke, as for my great achievements to save you, you still have a detailed understanding to thank me.”Then she put the phone and the new id on the table and looked at her watch. “Oh, no, I’m late for work. I’ll talk to you when I get off work.”Jiang Qingya left, Lin Guard mouth has a trace of a smile, as if to know what she is escaping.After a while, the ward was flooded with doctors, their eyes full of surprise, which made Lin feel like he was in a zoo, and he was treated like a monkey.This article declares: the text is original, shall not be reproduced without permission.Pictures from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete.