1.5T+CVT, wheelbase 2830mm, rich configuration and high appearance level, Honda Accord worth starting?

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In the field of B-class sedan, Guangzhou Automobile Honda Accord is a “household name” model, it is always high in the sales list, in December with more than 20,000 sales in the sales list of the fourth, it can be more popular with consumers.At present, Accord has come to the tenth generation of models, and recently after a mid-term change, and the price of the official guide price of 1698-259,800 yuan, we will take the 2022 model 260TURBO Magic Night · Premium edition as an example (the guide price of 202,800 yuan), for you to do a detailed analysis.In terms of appearance, Accord modeling is more inclined to fashion and elegant style, streamlined lines outline a good sports effect.Part of the front face is flat design, the front low middle grille modelling wide, has been extended to the bottom of the front face, grille internal through blackened processing, and joined a number of horizontal decorative strips, looks imposing.The left and right diversion ports are smaller in size, with black interior decoration and extension to the middle, as well as round front fog lights.In order to match the front face, headlight modelling design is very long and narrow, also for lamp inside cavity structure, and through blackened processing, also joined the a “L” below the daytime running lights, other lights are LED light source is adopted, which also used the turn signal light type, headlight support height adjustment in terms of function and delay shut down.Side part, accord used the movement effect is more prominent slip back style design, because it is an intermediate car, so the roof line transition is very harmonious and natural.The side also features a through-through waist line, with a chrome strip raised up on the side skirt and 18-inch five-spoke two-color wheels for a sporty look.In terms of body size, the length, width and height are respectively 4906mm/1862mm/1449mm, and the wheelbase is 2830mm. The dimension data is the mainstream level.With the front face of the general tail is flat design, in order to highlight its sense of movement in the upper part of the tail also increased a “duckling tail”, with a number of horizontal lines on the lower part of the hierarchy is relatively rich.In addition, the exhaust pipe at the bottom of the tail is a bilateral design, the exhaust pipe surface is decorated with chrome, and the middle is connected with silver decorative plate.Taillight is to use similar “C” structural design, modelling has individual character very much, calculate go up is the window place of tail.The interior is also illuminated with LED lights and has been blackened to give it more texture.Interior part is what we are familiar with the old, and still USES symmetric control layout, suspension control panel of the device in the above areas, and are used the virtual buttons, and below is the air conditioning panel, including three knob control about temperature and air volume, respectively, in addition also have independent air-conditioning panel display, can display basic information.Below is a small storage compartment with a lid.As for the steering wheel for the three-spoke disc design, the baffle shape is more mediocre.Interior materials, control of large area of lining plastic material, but in the air conditioning FengKouChu increase imitation wood grain decorative sheet, at the same time be silver adornment ornament, also like the inside of the door, the central armrest and steering wheel surface is chosen to use a leather cover, seat is applied the imitation leather material, and the main driving also supports 12 to electric adjustment, the whole class is feeling better,You can feel soft and comfortable wherever you touch.On the vehicle and machine system, the 10.25 inch central control screen function is very rich, and it has the latest Honda C0NNECT intelligent guide interconnection system, in terms of functions to support satellite navigation, road rescue call, Bluetooth, CarLife interconnection, voice recognition control, car network and OTA self-upgrade.As for the dashboard, it is a combination of 7-inch computer display screen and mechanical dial, which can also display rich driving information.In terms of configuration, in addition to basic safety configuration, it also has auxiliary driving system, which can support lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, road traffic identification, active braking, full speed adaptive cruise and other auxiliary safety configuration.In addition, fatigue driving tips, reversing image, engine start and stop, automatic parking, variable steering ratio, panoramic sunroof can be opened, remote start, external rearview mirror electric adjustment/folding/heating, automatic air conditioning, this is a second high matching model, so the configuration is relatively rich and complete.Space, the experience of 175 cm is seated in the front head can have 1 boxing, keep unchanged in the front row only 3 refers to enter in the back of the head, and legs can have three plays, except in the back of the head space more cramped, the rest of the performance is quite loose, coupled with a panoramic sunroof daylighting effect and active noise reduction function, still can have a comfortable indoor environment.In terms of power, it is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 143kW and a maximum torque of 260N·m. The TRANSMISSION system matches the CVT continuously variable transmission. This 1.5T engine is not weaker than the mainstream power on the market, with abundant power output.Suspension, the use of macpherson before independent suspension, rear bridge multi-link independent suspension, chassis adjustment is moderate, the support and filtering effect of the vehicle has reached a good balance.In this detailed model, Honda Accord all aspects of performance are more balanced, young dynamic appearance, comfortable technology interior, alone out of the same commendable, is a more practical model, combined with its durable and fuel-efficient characteristics, high sales of nature is also due.