Double soldier’s love: Over 2,000 kilometers to love you

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Source: people’s front author | Zhu Yawen, Zhao Menglin Peng Fengyao from warehouse in south zhejiang, she is from henan zhoukou;He was the Army, she was the Rocket Force;He enlisted in 2014, she in 2015;He’s on the southeast coast, she’s in the northwest Gobi…Seemingly irrelevant two people, but in the same year to take an examination of the non-commissioned officer school, perhaps mianmianzhong early doomed, let him meet her.In 2017, tao wentao finally arrived at his dream school — Bethune Academy.At school, Tao Wentao joined the school newspaper and was in charge of the literary supplement of The Angel newspaper. His partner was Wang Shualing, a gentle and warm-hearted girl who was serious and responsible for everything.Tao Wentao was a reporter in the company before, so he got used to the school newspaper very quickly.Although Wang Shualing was not familiar with these jobs, she was responsible for her own work to the end. If she did not know anything, she would consult Tao Wentao in time, and Tao Wentao would help her without reservation.In order to do a good job in the newspaper, the two people often work overtime, sometimes it is late at night when they look up after busy work, is the peace of mind brought by the partner fighting side by side.”Angel” issue by issue, the distance between the two hearts is closer and closer.Once, Wang Shualing participated in the 3000m race in the sports meeting, but her foot was broken accidentally. Wang Shualing thought it was nothing, but life was not convenient, but Tao Wentao was too anxious.During that time, he accompanied Wang shualing to and from class every day, helped her fetch food, water, do the duty……The meticulous care of Wang Shualing was very moved, and the two people naturally came together.Tao Wentao is Wang Shualing’s first love, and both of them are sure that the other is the person to accompany the rest of their lives.Because of the particularity of military occupation, just to determine the relationship, Tao Wentao took her home to meet the parents in the summer vacation, which let Wang Shuai Ling this some uneasy heart instantly settled down.Love is sweet.They went to Lhasa and looked up at the mysterious and magnificent Potala Palace under the clear sky.”August 1″ when go to Tian ‘anmen to see the flag, in the morning to listen to the solemn military music, see the bright red flag rising;Go to mayday’s concert, hand in hand in the noisy crowd, insight into the meaning of happiness……Time flies. Tao wentao stayed in Hebei while Wang Shualing went to Beijing for his internship in his junior year.At that time, the epidemic just began to spread, and the prevention and control in Beijing was very strict, so they could not meet at all.So Wang Shualing proposed to each other to write letters, see words such as face.Two people like this weekly letter, from graduation insist to now.Tao also wrote some “nice words and sentences” at the end of each letter, which gave Wang the strength to carry on as a solo intern in Beijing.Later, they graduated and returned to their respective work units, one in Fujian and the other in Gansu, more than 2,000 kilometers away, and because of the special nature of the work, they could contact little time.Tao doesn’t like long-distance relationships, but he likes her far away.Wang Shualing said, no matter how high the mountain is, no matter how far the road is, as long as it is worth it, everything is meaningful.Since it is difficult to contact each other at ordinary times, they are especially precious to see each other when they are on vacation.Tao loves shoes, and the two have many pairs of shoes.Tao would sometimes be extremely happy if he chose the same style of shoes without consulting them.Wang Shuaoling likes collecting stamps, tao Wentao goes to the post office whenever he has time, and buys whatever Wang Shuaoling likes for her.Every bit of happiness in their relationship.Their relationship went from strength to strength and they obtained their license in January 2021, but the wedding was put on hold as both were too busy with work to take time off.When Tao wentao’s unit planned a group wedding last November, everything came just right.Tao Wentao has been communicating with leader Wang Shualing on the phone, asking the leader to approve the leave, and also asking the instructor to coordinate in the middle.Finally, Wang shualing traveled more than 2,000 kilometers to the wedding site. In the presence of their relatives and comrades, she vowed to be loyal to the motherland and each other under the flag of the hunting army.From school uniform to wedding dress, from military love to military marriage, this all the way they go long but firm, now they will hand in hand to face the ups and downs in the future life, with love to build a fortress.In the Spring Festival, I wish all lovers shall be well, Jack shall have Jill