Family glory: Ma Exhibition Hong and Zhen Core scandal exposure, cousin encounter Zhen Core attack, bad things!

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Zhen xin is a malicious person, for his own purpose and interests, she can do anything by their lives, her hands already pick up mandy, Ma Yaozu, Cheng Feng, mother and daughter He Qili blood, now it is in order not to let his scandal exposure, especially to kill He Qili then do it yourself.Since the original ma project department failure, and cheng Feng was killed, know too much secret he Qili on long-term vacation, ready to monitor Ma Zhan Hong and Zhen Core 24 hours, and then really found two people’s scandal, and also video evidence.Just to see Ma Zhanhong left, He Qili too lightly, thought he could subdue the woman zhen Core, ran to confront the threat in front of the Zhen Core.But He qili did not understand that never push a person into a corner, or the other side will erupt with strong energy and courage.Zhen Xin went to this step today, pay the price has been too big, even on the hand early stained with blood, if let he Qili really took his evidence exposure, he is really nothing.In desperation, zhen Core unexpectedly picked up things hit he Qili.The first time to do this kind of thing in the heart of zhen Core is also very panic, she can not deal with a person he Qili, but she never trust Ma Exhibition Hong, and the alliance of Ma Exhibition Hong is not out of feelings, but the use of Ma Exhibition Hong, finally she found his brother Zhen Cheng.Zhen Cheng came here also very flustered, can only listen to sister’s orders will he Qili into the sea.Afterwards Zhen Cheng looked at the media reports, he could not accept the inner condemnation, and want to discuss surrender.The output of a threat and affection of zhen Core, finally let Zhen Cheng give up the idea, this zhen Core is completely lost the opportunity to turn back.I have to say, Zhen Xin’s life is really looking forward to.But zhen core of He Qili do eventually will be exposed, because before He Qili tracking survey zhen core, had to zhen Gu Luoyi core had a great doubt, not only did she know zhen core is associated with mandy’s mother and daughter things, the death of the more doubt her with Cheng Feng also can’t get away, but with no evidence, so He Qili zhen xin to survey.Investigation before Gu Luoyi also know this matter, did not think of the last would be heaven forever, now Gu Luoyi already know there are so many lives are related to zhen core, combined with recent betrayal of Ma Shihe ma zhen xin, zhen core and Gu Luoyi a clean break, good and evil at the end there, looking forward to Gu Luoyi found evidence down zhen core that day.