Incredible!This is how a girl in East China’s Anhui Province secretly went to her boyfriend’s home for Spring Festival

2022-06-17 0 By

Recently, a girl went to her boyfriend’s home to celebrate the Spring Festival became popular in the social network. It was debated endlessly on the Internet, and many netizens were angry about it. What happened?Originally the thing is, you can see from the picture, the girl with their parents during Spring Festival, choose came to her boyfriend home for the Spring Festival, originally girl was filled with joy, you are nervous, worried when see each other parents don’t know what to say, but the girl’s worry is redundant, just go to her boyfriend home soon, the girl is not a priority,The victim’s mother, who did not seem to like her very much, only cooked a few vegetarian dishes and treated her, in Hefei, Anhui province.Later, the girl also responded: she is carrying the family, came to the man at the Spring Festival, had not consulted with his family, thought the man’s parents know that you want to come, at least some manners polite, but the results in this form for her, it was hard to imagine, the in the mind also not the taste, that is not affected by each other’s parents.Like the incident, many netizens are discussed, think it’s disgraceful the groom’s parents also roughly, so is hard to avoid can let a person happy, even will affect the feelings of the couple, not worth paying, second, the girl’s problem is very outstanding, also because the two sides also without engagement, so came home for the Spring Festival, hard to avoid some abrupt.After all, the boy’s parents are really unsatisfactory. There’s no need to feel bad about it. If they don’t like you, why continue?In addition, some netizens said: the girl’s problem is also bigger, because the two parties have not engaged, so to go to each other’s home, it is a bit abrupt, in the final analysis is not self-love, the husband’s family is understandable, but I do not believe in this couple.At the same time, some netizens confessed: “I think the girl must be very clear in her heart that there is no need to love things like this. At least she should have an attitude. If she doesn’t have an attitude, she will be bound by herself.”In fact, the author thinks that the move of girl really let people don’t understand, after all, the two sides also engaged, the man’s parents also don’t know about you, with your home to her boyfriend home for the Spring Festival, the hard to avoid can let a person think much, if there is a man of principle, perhaps already left, at this point, will also see how the man, if he said no, that can only be separated,I don’t know what you think?