One new COVID-19 case was confirmed in Bijiang District, Tongren, Guizhou

2022-06-17 0 By

According to the wechat public account of Tongren Health, on February 10, 2022, bijiang District CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention reported that a nucleic acid test result of a person from other provinces in Guizhou was abnormal, and the result was positive after rechecking by Tongren Center for Disease Control and Prevention.The Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government attached great importance to it, quickly organized an expert group to carry out an epidemiological investigation, and immediately activated the emergency command system.She has been transferred to Gongshan Hospital for treatment in isolation and confirmed as a novel Coronavirus case (normal coronavirus) by the provincial expert team.The whole closed-loop management was carried out immediately after the person entered Guizhou. There were no close contacts in Guizhou province, and the related nucleic acid testing and environmental disinfection and other emergency treatment work were being advanced in an orderly manner.Confirmed case (general type) : male, 59 years old, living in Jiabiyan Township, Suizhong County, Huludao City, Liaoning Province. He drove a truck to Guizhou from other provinces on February 7.Tongren city received a letter on The evening of September 9 informing the person to be a close contact of the confirmed case in Huludao city, Liaoning Province, so it immediately contacted the person and told him to stay in his car and park at the nearest service area.At 20:12 on The evening of September 9, the person entered Daxing, Songtao Autonomous County, Tongren from outside the province, and arrived at Bahuang Expressway parking area, Bijiang District at 20:47. The epidemic prevention and control personnel immediately controlled the person and transferred him to the centralized isolation point in a closed loop.Her nucleic acid test result was positive on October 10, and she was diagnosed as a confirmed COVID-19 case (ordinary type) by a provincial expert team. Now she is being treated in isolation in Jiangshan Hospital.Recently, the domestic outbreak was more distributed, the epidemic situation grim and complex, the masses, please continue to pay attention to the official news, do not believe a rumor, not tale, strictly for personal protection, insist on wearing a mask, wash your hands frequently, often ventilated, protective measures, such as not gathered once symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, should immediately to the nearest fever clinics.Please pay close attention to the situation of the epidemic and do not travel unless necessary. It is recommended that those who have copper should hold a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours and take the initiative to take a nucleic acid test within 48 hours after receiving copper.Tongren has carried out emergency response to the epidemic in accordance with relevant regulations, and made specific arrangements for epidemiological investigation, nucleic acid testing, environmental eradication, isolation and control. The general public is invited to actively support and cooperate!(Healthy copper kernel)