Be delayed by the name of 5 kinds of delicious snacks, the last 1 kind listened to nausea, after eating: really sweet

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When choosing a food or a meal, people usually look at the color of the food and listen to the name of the food. People like the food that looks good and sounds good.However, some foods are more “alternative”, just listening to the name will make people feel unappetizing, but in fact it is very delicious, the following 5 snacks are delayed by the name, it sounds unappetizing to eat delicious, take a look at how many you have eaten.A, coffin plate coffin plate?It’s hard to believe that this is a gourmet name, but this is no problem with the creepy snacks!Well, that sounds like a chilling name.It is a landmark of Taiwan food, it had a call: coffin plate, but called chicken liver plate, its predecessor is with western style cake box with chicken liver Chinese made of ingredients, such as the food is just like the coffin on the structure, like a small box, the lid of the above, there is a variety of delicious vegetables and meat, because the shape and the taste is special, that coffin plate was an instant hit,Has become one of tainan’s famous snacks.This snack is easy to make on its own. Take a thick piece of toast and fry it until the surface turns brown. Then put the meat and vegetables together and fry them until done.Pig’s foot ring pig’s foot ring is a characteristic snack in Chaoshan area, belonging to fried food, because the shape and pig’s foot similar, so named pig’s foot ring, actually there is no pig’s foot inside, but made of flour, taro and other ingredients.Do pig’s foot hoop need to have a special tool, a ring of iron handle, in the roadside stalls often see selling pig’s foot hoop, crispy taste, good taste, is a kind of snack people like to eat.Towel roll this is not a towel to wipe the face, but the shape resembles a roll up towel, so it is named towel roll, it is a small network red dessert, practice and taste with thousand layer cake are almost the same, common with original flavor, cocoa flavor, matcha flavor.Thin leather with thick cream, sweet and delicious.It is a traditional dish with a long history. It originated in songjiang, an ancient town south of the Yangtze River, during the Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty.It is made of the best tendon meat. When you bite into it, the delicious soup burst out of the beef balls. It is delicious and fun, which also vividly illustrates the origin of its name.Five, bag foot cloth yi!Heard the name of the strong sense of substitution has been implanted in the mind, a “smell” to the nose.I don’t know if you feel the same way.In fact, it has nothing to do with feet, but is a famous snack in Shanghai. Many local people take it as breakfast. It looks similar to jianbing, which is made by spreading the batter into pancakes and adding eggs, deep-fried dough sticks, ham, lettuce and sauce.This is really a snack delayed by the name.Be delayed by the name of 5 kinds of delicious snacks, the last 1 kind listened to nausea, after eating: really sweet.Sometimes you can’t just listen to the name, these are delicious snacks, but the name is not very good, have you tried them all, how many?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section!I am Xiaomeng, and I share all kinds of food knowledge with you from time to time every day. If you like today’s article, you can help to like or share it. Follow me to unlock more new food trends!