Do small things in time and difficult things together (front-line exploration of people’s livelihood)

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In order to solve the worries, worries and worries around the masses, Wuxi carried out the “micro happiness” livelihood project in the way of “citizens give questions and order, and the government supervises and responds”.A total of 1,349 items related to people’s livelihood were collected through special channels, and 469 key “micro-transformation” projects were issued in 22 batches to supervise them.Timely feedback, special team supervision, multi-party coordination…Warm heart service for the masses happy smile.A small clothes-drying pole, seemingly insignificant, has greatly facilitated the life of residents.In the first village of Shengan, Huishan Street, Liangxi District, Wuxi city, 230 “convenient centralized clothes-drying poles” are built in the front and back of each house in an area of 0.42 square kilometers. They are covered with quilts, clothes and towels to greet the warm sun.”The sun shines on my quilt and into my heart,” said Ge Chunyu, a 78-year-old resident.This is a matter of wuxi’s “micro happiness” livelihood project.To resolve the trouble, worry about things around, the heart, in wuxi city, last year with “the citizen order questions, the government supervisory response”, “happiness,” the people’s livelihood engineering, has passed the special channels for people’s livelihood issues 1349, issued by 22 batches of 469 priority overseeing the “transformation” project, for the happy smile of the masses.”Secretary Li, there is a neighbor pulling a rope to dry clothes when the small stool fell down, fell not light, similar problems how to solve?”At the beginning of last year, Ge Chunyu found li Jun, secretary of the party general branch of the community, and told the problem that troubled him for many years.Uncle Ge lives on the first floor, with a yard of only 2 square meters, which is completely closed, so the sun cannot come in and clothes cannot be dried, so they have to be aired outside.Where can I dry them?Trees, grass, telephone poles.”Early in the morning, I will occupy a place. I will tie a string between two trees and two telegraph poles, and hang the quilt clothes with a bamboo pole under it.Go late can spread bask in grass only.”‘It’s not only unsightly, but also dangerous,’ says Mr. Ge. ‘People often fall over while hanging clothes.’The old community, built in the late 1970s, has narrow balconies and courtyards, and 33 percent of the elderly are over 60 years old. Most of them are not used to using dryers, making it difficult to dry clothes.The turning point came early last year.Ge Chunyu found the community party chief branch secretary, just in the city to launch the “micro happiness” livelihood project, citizens can through 12345 government hotline, China Wuxi network and other channels, will need to solve the issues around the reflection up.Li Jun wrote down ge’s questions and reported them to the street.Huishan street after research, decided to enable the street “party organization for the private practical special fund” 33,000 yuan, sheng an village first batch of drying pole construction pilot.The party and government office wrote this situation and the solution into a preliminary plan and submitted it to the Liangxi district “micro happiness” people’s livelihood project work special class.”We went to the scene inspection, think it has universal and demonstration significance, in line with the principle of ‘small things to do’, so included in the ‘micro happiness’ people’s livelihood project supervision matters, submitted to the municipal special class.Liang Xi area “happiness,” the people’s livelihood engineering staff, area city run special work team management center general department clerk Xu Chen is introduced, the project is listed as the city two level key division project, assigned by the examined, specific conduction, visual tracking, inspection supervisory, form acceptance – to deal with, feedback, supervision, acceptance of the closed loop management.The pole in front of Mr. Ge’s house was one of the first to go up last March, right next to a small fitness facility.”The first batch of 30 clothes-drying poles, where to build it is decided by the residents.”Li Jun told reporters that both good lighting, but also do not affect exercise and travel.”In the whole process of project construction, linkage management and supervision of special teams are required to feedback the progress every five days, and the whole process is visualized.”Xu Chen introduced, the residents are good, the street then started the second batch of 50 construction, last October and drive state-owned property companies to join, funded the construction of the third batch of 150, and gradually in the area of other communities to install, to achieve full coverage of the street old community.At present, liangxi district has installed 9,996 “convenient clothes-drying poles” in 111 old residential areas in nine streets.Li Xiaohua, a new citizen living in Binhu District, found that the trip to the city was “very smooth”.”I moved from out of town, I’m not familiar with traffic, and I don’t know how to look it up on my phone.”Ms. Li said she saw a clear sign on the platform of the No. 68 bus where she could transfer to the No. 1 subway at four stops.At the platform where you get off, there are diagrams showing how to walk to the subway entrance.”The bus signs and subway signs belong to the bus group and the subway company, so there are some problems in communication and docking, which cause some passengers trouble.”Lu Xiuyuan, deputy director of the Transportation Management Office of Wuxi Transportation Bureau, said that after receiving the work order in June last year, the transportation Bureau took the lead in integrating the resources of the two units, adding transfer signs of subway, railway station and airport on the basis of the original bus station board.The information of bus transfer at each entrance and exit should be added to the block map of the subway station, and road guide signs should be set up outside the station.Wang Jianyi, deputy secretary general of Wuxi Municipal government, introduced that the responsible units should play a leading role in matters involving trans-regional and multi-department cooperation, while other departments should do their best to cooperate and fulfill their responsibilities.But what if there is no clear subject unit?This is the case with the infrastructure renovation project of Hyesan National Forest Park.”There is no water supply on the mountain, and the only simple toilet is cleaned once every morning and afternoon, but there are too many people on holidays, which makes it difficult for tourists to go to the toilet.”Natural resources in wuxi city planning bureau deputy head subordinate city forestry station Mr Cheung hing yu admitted that the difficulty is to belong to different districts: 7.18 square kilometers of mountain distribution in Liang Xi area, lakeside area, mountainous area of three administrative region, and according to the above 25 m contour and the following, subdivided into the gauge, the botanical garden the specific management, urban management, public security departments.Who will do the work?Mr Cheung hing yu introduced, according to the program coordination, the municipal forestry station site selection for professional planning and design and material selection, including the toilets at the park upgrade file, simple toilet water on the mountain, collect other demands at the same time, every 1 km to set up a canopy, every 100 meters add a stainless steel trash cans, dismantle illegal stalls converted into you…Where is the money coming from?The reporter saw that in the “micro happiness” people’s livelihood project implementation plan, there is a special “factor guarantee group”, led by the municipal Finance Bureau.In other words, when there is no clear subject of responsibility, the municipal finance will bear the bottom.”There was no budget for the newly added project, so we applied to the finance Bureau for a special fund of 295,000 yuan and got the approval within a week.With the cooperation of the district and the department, all the renovation content will be completed in 5 months.”Zhang Xingyu introduced, the masses are very recognized, the old problem basically realized zero complaints.Jiang Bin, deputy director of management Committee of Binhu District Liyuan Economic Development Zone, could not forget October 30 last year.In the morning of the same day, the city carried out the “quarterly evaluation” activity, binhu District won two honors: Binhu District won the “Solid work award in the third quarter of 2021”, Liyuan Economic Development Zone won the “high quality development assessment quarterly flowing red flag”.Why is the lakefront praised?How did the red flag come from?The “secret” lies beneath two Bridges in Lianghu Park.Water babbling, vegetation, granite paved clean road on both sides, different shapes of landscape stone strewn at random in the meantime, the water picture on the wall painting outline the jiangnan culture label.Under the Lianghu Bridge in the morning light, it looks like a pocket park with pedestrians passing by from time to time.In the past, the environment was dirty, overgrown with weeds, revetments in disrepair of the dilapidated scene;Now, it has become the only way to visit Bogong Island and Lianghu Ecological Park.Here is the lakeside “micro happiness” demonstration project — Lianghu Park through landscape greening improvement project.Jiang Bin told reporters that in the first half of last year, there are citizens through 12345 platform to reflect, Lianghu Bridge, big hill bridge near garbage accumulation.The work order was transferred to Liyuan Development Zone for handling. When the staff checked the site, they found that it was located between two fitness trails. As the trails were not connected, few pedestrians walked through it, and it gradually became a sanitary dead spot.”It only takes two or three days to clean up the garbage, but we are not dealing with the problem on a case-by-case basis. Instead, we are addressing the root of the problem to break through the ‘blocking points’ of sanitation and transportation.”Jiang Bin introduced that after the first time of garbage removal, a further investment of about 1.85 million yuan was made to carry out the implementation of the trail, and improve the landscape greening area of 10,560 square meters, which was recognized by the masses and was rated as a “micro happiness” demonstration project.”In order to improve the enthusiasm of all departments to participate in the work, the municipal special team regularly carries out evaluation and assessment of the key supervision items, combining with the satisfaction score of the petitioners on the project, on-site inspection, investigation and listening to opinions, and the completion time.”Xiang Jiang, deputy secretary general of wuxi Municipal Party Committee, introduced that the regions and related units in the process of handling innovative work methods, achieved obvious results, high satisfaction of citizens, to give rewards and incentives, for the work of ineffective, criticized.Source: People’s Daily Editor Zeng Tian editor Min Jieyang Tao