Happy Wudu year! Hang lanterns to buy Spring Festival couplets, wudu city New Year flavor strong!

2022-06-18 0 By

With the approaching of the Spring Festival, wudu’s New Year flavor is getting stronger and stronger. A series of Spring Festival couplets and strings of lanterns will decorate the streets and alleys in a flourishing fashion. Reporters came to the Circle Road, blue sky square and other places everywhereA wide variety of decorative items for the Spring Festival can be seen everywhere: Spring Festival couplets, Chinese knots and red lanterns are hung on the streets and squares. Citizens carefully select their favorite items, hoping to have good luck, happiness, peace, wealth and harmony in the New Year.Liu Shuall pack up with the Spring Festival approaching Wudu’s New Year flavor more and more thick a Spring Festival couplets a string of lanterns will decorate the streets and lanes are thriving On January 26 reporters came to circle road, blue sky square and other places everywhere decorated with lanternsBeaming all kinds of Spring Festival decoration items everywhere Spring Festival couplet, Chinese knot, street, square, red lanterns hung the citizens with carefully selected their favorite items hopes in the New Year auspicious sign Peace prosperous commercial media center reporter: Meng Taotao prison system: zhang audits: Zhang Huwei principal editor: Meng Taotao weaving: Liu Shu fold