Huawei became the busiest mobile phone brand in the Spring Festival Gala, with two top flagships flooding the screen and the most expensive price approaching 20,000 yuan

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Now the flavor of the New Year is getting weaker and weaker, but one thing that remains the same all year round is watching the Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve.Every year, the Gala is watched by hundreds of millions of viewers, so the stage of the Gala is not only a simple performance, but also contains a huge business opportunity.In addition to making the performers famous, a brand that appears on a spring night can also be a hit.Every year, mobile phones become the focus of conversation in digital circles during the Spring Festival Gala.The brands that are most visible are also the ones that people recognize the most.In the early years, many celebrities were basically equipped with iphones, but in recent years, with the rise of domestic phones, especially Huawei phones, they have become the darlings of the entertainment industry.According to incomplete statistics of netizens, huawei mobile phones are still the busiest ones in the spring evening this year.In particular, Huawei’s foldable mobile phones are frequently seen, not only used by actors, but also by many users in the audience.What impressed me most in the program was Huawei Mate X2 Collector’s Edition, and huawei P50 Pocket was another one.Whether it is the star’s own mobile phone, or the arrangement of the show, huawei is recognized by everyone.So what’s the magic of these two phones?They made frequent appearances in the Spring Festival Gala, and even the Huawei P50 Pro suddenly lost its fragrance.Huawei P50Pocket is a foldable phone released by huawei in December last year. It uses a flip top and down design, has a 6.9-inch flexible OLED screen on the front, supports 120Hz refresh rate, and a dual-ring rear camera, which respectively has 40 million main camera, 13 million ultra wide Angle and 32 million hyperspectral camera.In addition to taking photos, it can also be used for fluorescent images and skin testing.The P50Pocket also has a round sub-screen on its back, which can display many prompt messages.In terms of appearance level, huawei P50Pocket has long been a fashion product.Huawei Mate X2 Collector’s Edition is currently huawei’s most expensive phone, with a price of nearly 20,000 yuan.It is equipped with a Kirin 9000 5G processor, and the collector’s edition is also equipped with a wireless charging kit.The overall positioning is quite luxurious, and the rest of the hardware is the same as the regular Mate X2.However, Huawei is still the biggest winner of this year’s gala.Do not know in addition to Huawei mobile phone, we also found which manufacturers of mobile phone?If you feel the article is helpful to you, welcome to forward attention!