“Three checks and three pairs” + “round off” : This health secret will help you make your return trip

2022-06-18 0 By

New Year five to meet the God of wealth, New Year six busy return!Are you guys ready to get started?Please do a good job together “three checks three pairs”, do “round”, smooth return, start the struggle of the New Year!”Three checks and three pairs”, calmly return to check the epidemic risk level;Check local prevention and control policies;Check trip code, health code.The above information can be obtained by searching The State Council client mini program.Check protective equipment (masks, hand sanitizers, etc.);Check personal belongings (ID card, mobile phone, charger, key, wallet, etc.);Check health status (fever, cough, etc.).”Rounding”, adjust the physical and mental “bad four” need to give up: stay up late, overeating, sedentary, negative emotions.”Five healthy” please start: set goals, regular work and rest, reasonable diet, scientific exercise, psychological adjustment.Source: Health Shanghai