What’s the difference between foot soaking in different time periods?Does it work the same way?There are so many things about soaking feet

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Foot soaking is probably the cheapest regimen in the world.The hot blister foot that we often say in our mouth is foot bath, which belongs to one of the content of foot therapy of Traditional Chinese medicine, and is also a common method of external treatment of diseases.The sole of the foot is the convergence of the start and end of the meridians, and the distribution of more than 60 acupoints and reflex areas connected with the viscera and organs of the human body, respectively corresponding to the organs of the human body.Most people know that foot soaking is good for you, but they don’t know that there are some differences and slightly different effects at different times of the day.1, bladder -15:00-17:00 foot soak this time period belongs to the hour, is conducive to drain the small intestine of the liquid and the body “anger”, cold hands and feet, frequent urination people can also soak their feet at this time, warm themselves.2. When the kidney is vacuum-17:00 to 19:00, the kidney channel is the best when you soak the feet, which is conducive to storing the viscera essence every day.Right now bubble foot, can be helpful for the accumulation of kidney qi.In addition, traditional Chinese medicine will “salty into the kidney”, so in the foot water with salt, or artemisia argyi, more conducive to protecting the kidney.Pay attention to soaking feet at this time, make sure the hot water is not up to the ankle.3, heart -19:00-21:00 foot bubble heart is not good, this time the best foot bubble.Wushi this time, wushi’s foot could relieve my mood, cleaned up the disease around the heart, warm the body, promoted sleep.4, health -21:00-23:00 bubble feet this time, belongs to haishi, from the Traditional Chinese medicine should be ready to sleep, at this time bubble feet through baimai, bubble finished should immediately fall asleep.Now belongs to winter and spring communication, the weather is still cold, cold, you can add mugwort in hot water, conducive to the prevention of cold, cold antibodies, afraid of cold, easy to cold hands and feet of people can also use mugwort foot bubble.Nephrotic patients have nothing to do with hot water bubble feet, both tired, and conducive to sleep.At the same time, in water with different traditional Chinese medicine, but also can play a different role in nourishing kidney health care.With hot water and Chinese medicine bubble feet, can help patients with kidney disease to improve local blood circulation, drive away cold, promote metabolism, and can achieve health care role.Foot soaking on shoulder, back, waist and leg joint pain, insomnia, itching and cough and asthma and other common diseases of the season, the health care effect is good, but we should also pay attention to the individual physique and disease situation, control the time of foot soaking, blindly soaking in hot water for a long time, is not good for health.When you soak feet to the body slightly sweaty, that is, bubble is good, do not always add water, bubble to the state of sweating.Because sweat is the fluid of the heart, sweating too much easily hurt “heart”.As long as you sweat slightly, your meridians up and down through.This is also a way to prove whether kidney disease patients through the meridian.Foot bubble has many benefits, the most common benefits are these three: 1, cold, cold hands and feet cold warm hot water to add some ginger, cold cold effect, for relieving cold hands and feet symptoms have a good effect.Ginger taste hot and warm, if taken internally, can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, improve cold hands and feet, fear of cold and other uncomfortable symptoms.Soak your feet with ginger.2, improve sleep disorders with hot water feet, can moisturize the skin, but also eliminate fatigue, the treatment of sleep disorders.If join some mugwort leaf, still can promote metabolism, can help rest, promote sleep, restore physical strength, prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension.Friends who are prone to insomnia at night must try this method.3, nourishing kidney and liver, improve Yang qi in the kidney by qi and blood relatively weak when bubble feet, body heat increase, blood vessels in the body will expand, conducive to blood circulation, so as to promote blood circulation in the body.At the same time, the nerves that have been tense all day during the day, as well as the kidneys that have been tired all day, can be thoroughly relaxed and fully adjusted at this time, so that people will feel comfortable.At this time can play the role of nourishing kidney Ming liver, but also conducive to improving the sleep quality of patients with kidney disease.After foot soaking, it is not appropriate to carry out other activities, sleep every few minutes, the kidney tonifying effect is better.There is a saying that goes, “The rich take tonic, the poor soak their feet.”Every night bubble feet, is the most convenient and affordable health care, not only can relieve fatigue, help to sleep, but also activate the foot meridians, remove dampness and cold, save the capital of not getting sick in a year.When soaking feet, “add material” to the soaking water, which can increase the health care effect of soaking feet.Especially for those who are cold and wet and Yang deficiency, add some Wormwood bags in the bucket of soaking feet, which can ventilate and dispel the cold. It is more comfortable after soaking.After the bubble, the spleen and stomach is good, neither cold nor empty, the ability of operation is strong, we eat things will obediently become qi and blood, the body is more healthy.Winter and spring cold season, the human body Yang to dry up, coupled with the cold weather, Yang is more insufficient, to cold wet invasion opened the door.Therefore, the materials we use to soak our feet are generally warm meridians and collaterals, promoting blood circulation and dispersing cold, like wormwood with bitter, spicy and warm taste, which goes into the spleen, liver and kidney. Therefore, it is also known as “medical grass”.Compendium of Materia Medica records that Mugwort leaves have the effect of warming the meridian, dispersing cold, removing dampness and warming the palace, but only this kind of foot bath is far from enough, therefore, I strongly recommend this “herbal foot bath bag” to every friend.Containing artemisia argyi, safflower, ginger, motherwort and other ingredients, fused together, each ingredient can play the maximum effect, very suitable for removing dampness, detoxification and Yang qi.There are four kinds of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients in this foot bubble bag: Mugwort leaf is warm meridian cold, dispel dampness warm palace;Safflower can remove blood stasis and pain, dispel dampness and remove swelling, accelerate body metabolism and remove toxins in the body;Motherwort temperature disperse cold, remove dampness and dredge collaterals, for the female palace cold has a great regulatory role;Ginger promotes blood circulation, warms the body, maintains the figure, loses weight, can improve dysmenorrhea, lower abdomen cold, pudgy.Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the prescription ratio of the king and Chen zuo, ginger to join wormwood, Motherwort, safflower three herbs, in order to achieve the effect of dispelling cold and dampness to help sleep!The moment the warm water touches the feet, it can instantly sweep away the fatigue and trouble of the day;Can also accelerate blood circulation, promote your body to detoxify, stick to it, naturally more beautiful and healthier than peers!TCM focuses on internal tone, which is gentle and follows a step-by-step process.Each herb, cooperate with each other, learn from each other’s strengths to achieve the best results!Therefore, now “herbal bubble foot bag” discount, 30 packets only 39 yuan, 60 packets only 69 yuan, less than a meal money, you can give yourself a healthy body, lithe figure, the winter is good, Yang qi raise good, stable winter, avoid all kinds of small diseases to trouble, but also you a good figure!Click on the link below to purchase: