Wufeng, Hubei province, launched the “Qing Rebellion” battle

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China News Hubei news on March 30In recent days, Wufeng county, township, village three level synchronous implementation of the “clear violation of chaos” action, comprehensive removal of illegal construction, cleaning up illegal advertising signs, remediation of “flying line in the air”, focus on improving the quality of urban and rural appearance, optimize the living environment of the masses, started a “clear violation of chaos” battle.”We need to unify our thinking, strike with a strong fist, and push forward with an iron fist with greater determination, the strongest possible measures, and the strictest possible discipline in the campaign to clean up violations and tackle chaos.”March 15, Wufeng “qing rebellion” action mobilization meeting, the county deputy secretary of the county party committee, county head Deng Hongjing to participate in the county and village cadres issued mobilization order, requiring all parts of the county to ensure that a year or so, completely eliminate a series of urban ills.Wufeng “Clear rebellion action” leading group was immediately established, made clear by the county government as the main leader of the group, in charge of the leadership of the deputy leader, the township people’s government is mainly responsible for comrades and county departments are mainly responsible for comrades as members.From the county government office, the county government, county tube law enforcement bureau, county natural resources and planning bureau, county live built bureau, county public security bureau, the county bureau of agriculture and rural areas, such as traffic transport unit capable force composition class, responsible for the actions of the organization, guidance, coordination, inspection and examination, such as daily work, coordinate linkage, made solid progress “clear violations action governing revolution”.In order to put the work into practice, wufeng 8 towns and villages quickly held mobilization meeting, set up the work of special class, the full blow of the “clear violation of chaos” bugle.According to the arrangement and deployment, Wufeng will be combined with the national civilized county to create, carry out the county urban area “clear violation of chaos action”;Combined with the work of “polishing small towns”, to carry out the “clean-up and chaos control action” of towns and townships;In combination with the construction of beautiful villages, we will carry out the “action of cleaning up illegal buildings and controlling chaos” in villages, and strive to realize the simultaneous elimination of illegal buildings and urban areas by the end of the year.The illegal construction of the songlin Ping section of Caojiaping Community in Yuyangguan Town has existed for many years, and it is a business place, which has seriously affected the overall city image and temperament of the county, and is also a stubborn disease that has troubled the urban management for many years.”Get rid of this difficulty first!”With the start of the “clear violation of chaos” action, Wufeng city management and law enforcement bureau and community staff many times to come to the door, to move to the demolition of the merchant mobilization, timely grasp the actual situation of the merchant, guide the people along the road to change their ideas, take the initiative to support the violation of the work.On March 18, with the roar of the machines, the illegal construction of more than 480 square meters of three households that had occupied the road for many years fell to the ground and was cleared.Wufeng city management and supervision brigade captain Yang Chunhua introduced, with the “clear violation of chaos” strong promotion, the county for many years left over the difficulties, focus issues one by one was broken, the area of about 20,500 square meters of illegal construction was dismantled, space back to the road, green space back to the masses, residents have praised.”Clear violation of chaos is for the masses, to do the work of the masses on the heart.”This is Wufeng county, township held “Qing rebellion” mobilization will repeatedly emphasized the working criteria.A garage in Caojiaping community was the first to be demolished.After receiving demolish document on March 14, owner Wang Zhepeng made difficult in heart.As a resident, he understands the importance of cleaning up violations;As a business owner, the demolition of the plant is bound to affect customer retention.The demolition stalled.”Do a good job of service, to ensure that there is no worry after the demolition of unauthorized construction.”Wufeng city management and supervision brigade deputy captain to xin many times to wang Zhepeng preach policy, full communication.Understanding his concerns, Lai Xin turned good service into a breakthrough to promote the work.Help him contact the introduction of the new site, the obligation to move, finally got the owner’s recognition, to achieve a harmonious demolition.”Ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of the parties are not infringed, timely repair and repair the demolition area, with the understanding and support of the masses, effectively promote the county to clean up violations.”Five mountains urban management enforcement bureau, this text “clear violations action” governing revolution wen-tao wan, director of the leading group office, in accordance with the unified deployment, five mountains “clear violations of governing revolution” set a timetable, detailed operational picture, in the face of the concerns, and concerns of the owner, humanized service to get through plugging point, is an important means of efficient propulsion qing fail to work.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com