6 popular LOL anchors fall, some ZUO NO DIE, some quit

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The popularity of a game depends on the overall quality of the game, but it also depends on the publicity of game anchors.For example, many LOL players have learned to play the game after watching a certain host’s video or live broadcast.However, the game of iron and iron, like a running account of anchors, LOL has now entered the S12 season, perhaps can find a lot of players have been in the beginning to the end, but can not find a few “initial anchors”.Although Desert’s first series was early, it wasn’t all about showmanship.His main purpose is to let more people know the charm of LOL, at least his unique and humorous explanation makes even the girls who don’t know much about the game willing to listen to him.Especially early and small wisdom of the interaction, also known as the anchor of the “Yu Jin Guo” combination.However, small desert is not entirely by selling corruption popularity, that year’s first series can really see him in which a lot of effort.And the series has actually returned the favor.Not only did it give him the clout to respond, but it also enabled him to make the leap from retail investor to “small capitalist”.As for why it disappeared?It is said that because of the popularity of many competitors, resulting in the later material is less, with the market saturation, he also retired.Others say that it is because she, as one of the first to eat crab, made a lot of money. With more industries, the time allotted to the “first series” gradually became less and less, so he had to temporarily stop the project in order to avoid ruining the signboard.According to this train of thought, desert really put the vision more long-term.I just don’t know if at some point in the future, he’ll reboot the first series when he has nothing to do.And desert at the same time huludao Wu Qilong – small wisdom.I mean, it feels powerful, but it also sucks.Who dares to say that he is loved by all?However, thanks to this commentary style, players from SEASON S3 to S5 are very fond of his work — the content is genuine and not boring.But then the rise of the live industry, small wisdom found that the income of honestly do video strategy, far less than live a come fast.As a result, he gradually shifted his focus to live broadcasting and even stopped making walkthrough videos.That’s ok. After all, water flows downwards and people climb upwards, so fans have time to catch up on the live stream and not time to review the video.When making a video, Wisdom’s mouth can add fun to the video, but when he frequently censuses the heat, gossiping about the size of the e-sports circle, the trouble will cause.He quarreled with his “peers” quite a few times, and at one stage had some bad blood with Headmaster Wang.At first, the fans were supportive, but later they realized that “the grandson is just full of food” and gradually began to watch the show.The reason for his disappearance is also controversial.Some people say that he always “cheap mouth” lead to betrayal, in order to prevent the future may have no followers, he got off the bus in advance.Some people say that he is in the industry for a long time, should earn should not earn money to get, so just favorable exit.I do not know the real reason for his disappearance, but it is certain that if an anchor has no professional ethics, he will talk aimlessly all day and stir up disputes everywhere, then even if he does not take the initiative to quit, he will be eliminated by the market passively.What kind of Internet girl is attractive?May be summed up down the contrast feeling is bigger that kind of bar.Such as Plankton, and the former LOL host Miss.It is no exaggeration to say that miss is the queen of e-sports in 2016 or so.Whether it’s live broadcasting, video production or tournament commentary, she can easily handle all three together and put her in a dominant position.Even a certain tooth is willing to offer a small target high price to circle MISS to submit.If there is no certain strength and popularity, tiger teeth can do such risky business?However, the appearance of a game completely changed the trajectory of Miss.After THE popularity of LOL, Miss abandoned DOTA and jumped to LOL, which made her career reach the peak directly. With this experience, Miss seemed to have mastered the password of wealth.When LOL entered its fatigue phase and H1Z1 exploded, she moved to “jump ship” again.Maybe they felt that LOL had reached a plateau and needed a change of direction.Or maybe she feels that LOL is on its way out and cannot recover. Anyway, Miss adjusts her strategy and joins H1Z1.Later also high-profile official declared himself to be a chicken anchor, but the old job-hopping miracle did not appear, but is the beginning of downhill.The move to leave at a sensitive time was seen by many LOL fans as betrayal and ingratitude.As a result, Miss was on the blacklist of former LOL fans. Even if she decided to turn the wheel and return to LOL, she would not be able to share the cake any more.New people spring up like mushrooms, and when she wants to come back, the turf is divided up and she can’t easily get in the way again?Although Miss still sticks to the front line of live broadcasting, its popularity is far less than before.Maybe the transition is all sooner or later, just to where?It’s still a mystery.Similar to the small wisdom of the circle, if the wind is its own conditions to drag.He was dragged down by his own candor, while others had broken their lips.At the end of 2010, Ruofeng officially entered the competition circle and announced the arrival of the killing God with IEM champion and TGC champion.The battle for fame was the world Final in 2012, when he lifted the championship trophy, it not only meant that he had reached the peak of his career, but also meant that China’s e-sports completely out of the circle.Such an unprecedented good result, so that he was later even if ridiculed is not group, there are fans for his defense, because he did have the ability to make a person’s blood boiling.Like the tears of Dream that led to king of Glory changing his mechanics, Ruofeng’s arrival has been judged to have influenced LOL in a way that has been widely publicized around the world.So the first card brilliant deserved, but as not good at communication male science and technology, if the wind although the operation, but the worldly aspects of the processing is criticized.Before TABE’s accident, they were good brothers.But TABE because accidentally exposed IG BP details, resulting in the results of the game is not satisfactory, if the wind is the first small face a turn, took out the two battalion commander’s Italian gun to fire at TABE, regardless of the past affection.Because of its greater influence at the time, the event quickly simmered and the wind blew out of control.And then in the first LPL All-star game, Ruofeng is micro blog long blasted Sika.Finally, the star of tomorrow falls on the spot. This wave is similar to the operation of knife teaching, which directly makes him fall a black name if not a group.In fact, you can understand why if the wind is so big reaction, human relations lead to failure, for a result-oriented person, no less than in front of obsessive-compulsive show death operation.But as a public figure, even if excusable, but because of his personal emotions, he indirectly stifle a person’s tomorrow, which is unforgivable by the public.Especially later he also sold miserably in the mansion, more let the fans feel that he is hypocritical.So despite his strength, he remained on the front lines of the alliance, but his options became increasingly limited.It is not clear how far he will go in the light of the trend from the “expert” who is paid to make comments on weibo, which used to be popular.Also on the show is former LOL pro Lou Benwei.He has been in a comfortable zone since retiring and has always been in a good position in terms of reputation.Even if later also switched to eat chicken, there are no fans to step back, and even fans to follow the move.When he is the most popular, even the general flow of small fresh meat are to Lu Ge shied away: as long as the elder brother said no, can be a pile of Zuan district outstanding graduates spray to the mother do not know.With such a huge fan base, if I can maintain my reputation, I may be able to become a real-life Version of Korean business Language.The worst of it, however, was that he failed to maintain his composure during the game.After his retirement, Lubenwei did LOL for a while, but then he followed the trend and moved on.However, since eating chicken is different from LOL, winning depends not only on the position but also on the technique, so the skill of the new players in those days is at the level of rookie.May be in order to live effect, may also be unable to stand the emperor to become a rookie of the gap, Lu Benwei open hang, by the netizens hammer.In fact, as long as he honestly installed quail at this time, he might pass the storm after a while, or secretly practice hard, and so on the technology to change.But this buddy character is too anxious, by the fans to completely listen to the words, the last actually dark poke poke to guide public opinion, incite fans network burst the whistleblower.The nature of the transformation to the entertainment industry is similar to the two leading actors of a drama, the official media warned about the same, or even worse, even the Communist Youth League network has been disturbed.Because of luge’s improper remarks, plus a series of SAO operation support, he was finally douyu, Tencent two platforms lost pawned car, the number, weibo also intermittently shut down.Recently, a netizen broke the news that after five years, the first batch of network red is about to return because it does not conform to social values, then can independently apply for anchor post qualification, the list of lu Benwei does not know will return again.However, even if he returned, the current anchor environment is also suitable for him, but if you do not fundamentally solve their cognitive problems, then the return is just to prepare for the next title.And Lu Benwei can not face up to their own anchors and Big Sima.When he square play wild circle countless fans, many people are not landing in his broadcast room to watch the fight.But master engagements inevitably affect the victory, and eventually Sima began to learn the operation of other anchors – low score fried fish.He was comfortable, but his fans were shocked.Everyone is attracted by his high-end operation, who wants to see him full level master butcher novice village?Then came the first wave of questioning.Maybe it was to assuage his fans, or maybe he wanted to get away from the battle of the LOL anchors.Anyway, during that period of time, Daisma LOL off the air, to play other things, after a long time to return.But when he returned, fans found that Massima seemed to be a new man, as if he had just returned from the Pacific Ocean, prompting a second wave of questioning.There are many ways to get out of the “water”, either by showing it off or not at all.But did not expect the big Sima chose to deal with the same way as Lu Benwei – hard.First, he blamed his teammates, either for their bad cooperation or malicious editing.Or he will try to demean people who question him in the studio and even block them.This caused him to lose a lot of fans and fall into a vicious circle.But even if he makes such a fuss, among the current veteran anchors, his fan base is still at the top of the pyramid.As for getting back to the top?I thought I couldn’t go back.After all, I am old, belong to the prime time of e-sports has passed for a long time, and when the father of him, it is impossible to have too much time on the game.Maybe in the future, Massima will face a transition, as to where, and so on.As for how to evaluate the situation of some veteran anchors, some netizens think it can be described as “outdated”.But seriously speaking, in fact, can not count gas, can only be said to be expired.Their style may not be the right fit for the current game streaming scene, so they have adapted.Some transition retirement, others insist on wait-and-see, no matter what the situation, in fact, is to adhere to the dream and feelings of a kind.Code their super talk, so far has been very active.Perhaps one day, they will come back and continue to write the myth of the peak.