La Liga: Gerard pique has told Joan laporta that not renewing Messi’s contract could solve Barca’s financial problems

2022-06-19 0 By

Messi sent shockwaves through football last summer when he joined Paris Saint-Germain on a very passive free basis, according to Babo Sports (five leagues, Champions League, World Cup).Many fans have pointed the finger at new Barcelona president Joan Laporta after the club announced they would not be renewing Messi’s contract just before the transfer window closed.Even though it’s been more than half a year, it’s still hot.Spanish newspaper El Pais recently looked back at Messi’s departure from Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain, claiming that Barcelona centre-back Gerard Pique helped in the affair by betraying Messi and telling President Joan Laporta that Barcelona’s financial fairness could be solved without messi.According to Babo Sports (five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.), Messi joined Barcelona youth academy in 2000 and first team in 2005.Last summer, Barcelona announced that they would not be able to sign Messi for a new contract due to the Spanish league’s restrictions on salary and other issues.It marks the end of messi’s 20-year career at Barcelona and the end of an era.However, the announcement of this news before the start of the new season undoubtedly puts Messi in a dilemma and can only choose a passive next move.Haume Lorres, founder of Spanish telecoms and media giant Mediapro, said Barcelona’s decision not to renew Messi’s contract for financial reasons was a lie and that they could definitely keep him.Now, messi was forced to leave Barcelona a lot of insider media exposure.According to El Pais, Pique helped fuel Messi’s departure, saying in a conversation with club president Joan Laporta that Barcelona’s financial problems could be solved by not renewing Messi’s contract.At the time pique told Laporta: “Without Messi, the problem of financial fairness can be solved.”It was painful for Messi to leave the club he loved and played for for so many years in such a manner, and the olive branch from Paris Saint-Germain provided a measure of comfort for messi.According to Mr Gbagbo sports (five league and the champions league and World Cup, etc.) data show: Lionel messi after an interview talked about yourself in order to stay at Barcelona paid everything, ‘he said at the time: “in order to stay at Barcelona, I’ve tried everything to the club has not asked me to play for free, I had a 50% lower salary in accordance with the requirements.I have done everything, there is no problem and I would like to help the club more.My wish and that of my family is to stay in Barcelona.I don’t think what Laporta said was appropriate. They hurt me.I don’t think he needs to say that. It’s like taking something away from you without consequence or responsibility, and it creates a suspicion that I don’t deserve.Laporta and I have had no conversations since then.