Beijing: Supervision and inspection of “small clinics” near the communities where confirmed cases are located will be carried out

2022-06-20 0 By

At the 281st press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Beijing on February 2, Li Ang, deputy director and spokesperson of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, said the city’s health supervision system highlights key monitoring points to ensure the effective play of “small clinics”.Since January 15, the key of haidian, chaoyang, fengtai, well, daxing district, the district of confirmed cases of the community surrounding the small clinic to carry out the supervision inspection, around the initial diagnosis system implementation, accepts COVID – 19 suspicious symptoms such as fever patients with closed loop management, as well as the staff regularly inspect nucleic acid detection, and so on and so forth,Cumulative unit 316 HuCi found problems, existing in centralized medical personnel information registration content is not complete, not according to request to suspend physicians more practice, disinfection and record fill in non-standard operation, staff nucleic acid detection are, staff daily health monitoring to carry out the problem such as lax ZhaJiu improvement on site,Problems do not stay overnight, details do not let go, improvement does not stop, to ensure that the “small clinic” sentinel role is effectively played.Source: Beijing Daily