Ping an Bank not second approval is refused

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No, ping an Bank does not second approval does not mean that it is rejected.Reason: Whether the ping An Bank passes in seconds or not needs to be strictly examined according to the applicant’s comprehensive credit conditions. Moreover, the Ping An Bank passes in seconds usually applies for the card through online application, and it is almost impossible to pass in seconds if the card is handled by branches.Ping an bank credit card approval fast: Ping an bank credit card approval is generally faster.However, the prerequisite conditions are that the applicant has good credit status, good personal qualifications, complete and true information provided, and other conditions stipulated by Ping an Bank should be met before the phenomenon of instant approval of Ping An Bank credit card can occur.Pingan bank credit card is introduced: ping an bank credit card is in shenzhen city commercial bank merger with pingan bank was renamed shenzhen pingan bank after the launch of the first credit card, in addition to have the credit card consumption, the basic function such as cash advance, also has many features, provide cardholders with cover “consumption peace, at home, travel peace” comprehensive peace.Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. is a cross-regional joint-stock commercial Bank controlled by Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd., one of the 12 national joint-stock commercial banks in Mainland China, and one of the three business pillars of Ping An Group, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong.Its predecessor was Shenzhen Development Bank, mainly engaged in financial and credit services.