Quan Hongchan was admitted to a well-known high school in Guangdong, netizens questioned the famous school docking celebrity, in order to attract students

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A few days ago, there is a message came, is the Olympic champion quan Hong Chan was guangdong experimental high school admission news.Chun hong Chan was born in 2007, if according to the age, this year should be the third year of the middle school entrance examination, and after the Olympic Games, where she is in high school is also a question.The question was answered in a few months after the Olympic Games, this is guangdong Experimental Middle School.Guangdong Experimental High School is a provincial key high school and one of the first national demonstration high schools in Guangdong Province. It ranks among the top three high schools in Guangdong Province and is also one of the famous high schools.It is common sense that Olympic champions’ academic performance is average, but their sports performance belongs to the human ceiling, and it can be understood that they are admitted by a prestigious university.For example, there are a lot of excellent athletes because of very good sports performance recommended into such a prestigious university of Tsinghua and Peking University.Quan Hong Chan was admitted to guangdong Experimental middle school this thing was more normal.But the high school’s efforts to promote it have sparked criticism from netizens, who say the school is trying to use celebrities’ bonuses to attract students.These netizens think, because there is no examination, directly finalized the full red Chan for the school’s honor students.Obviously the whole red chan tied in the Guangdong experimental high school on the ship.Wait until the entrance examination of students, can be more than other schools a propaganda conditions, Olympic champion all red chan school choice.Such words are no different from the method of publicizing the first place in the high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination.Actually think about these netizens this kind of view or has a certain truth.For quan Hong Chan was admitted by the famous university we had no criticism, because in order to get the Olympic champion, they paid a lot of efforts.Fighting spirit and quality is also worth countless people to learn.But it was the hype after being granted an exceptional admission certificate by Guangdong Experimental High School that disgusted netizens.Originally experimental middle school of guangdong province in terms of power or the teachers, all is the existence of local top, if it is a mid-term exam admission season, such publicity is reasonable, and so soon began to play the famous brand, let netizens feel puzzled propaganda is necessarily as a result, the school can use increase the influence of the school, the name of the Olympic champion, dominant in the competition with other schools,More excellent students can be admitted.In fact this is not a good phenomenon, especially in basic education of high school and junior high school, many schools in the pursuit of the celebrity with the school, for example, if a entrance, ready to choose the school or the university entrance exam is over, when you or your parents know you of XXX high school or college or () they like stars, athletes,When you know the school teachers have your favorite host or actor, will you move, put down the ideals and goals of youth, running to the idol and favorite stars to sign up for this school impulse?These schools have taken advantage of this by announcing in their brochures that one of their graduates has won a prestigious competition.In 2022, we know the full red chan was experimental middle school in guangdong abnormality admits, wait until after graduation, she propaganda in school don’t mention it, eventually will only say full red chan’s graduation, a few years later, the parents will think that these competitive strength of high level athletes is the school culture, to the parents and the examinee to mislead.In short, the school’s special admission of stars and celebrities is certainly conducive to consolidating the school’s position in the circle, thus gaining support in the future celebrity donations and celebrity sponsorship, as well as gaining the celebrity halo in the recruitment of students.Of course, THIS is to declare that I do not look down on any celebrities to be admitted to the school, but the school should still be as a pure academic temple, performing the function of cultivating talents and teaching knowledge, and there is no need to overly nub the celebrity to promote the school.Graph source network, intrusion deletion.We are looking forward to your attention, sharing and comments by reading interesting educational stories, sharing educational ideas and understanding subject knowledge