Rural old people often say: tomato nest planted, eggplant planted wide, pepper planted nest, in the end what benefit

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In the countryside, there are a lot of the old man on the crops, although don’t understand what is a scientific cultivation, but on the growing experience quite rich, some experience is developed by years, have a plenty of passed down from generation to generation, these experience, while books in the school less than, do not check on the Internet, but can actually help us to solve big problems in planting and management in agriculture,This is the wisdom of the older generation.Now many young people in planting, have to throw away all of the older plant experience, but I don’t know, these experience no matter what the time, always plays a very important role in plant, is any fertilizer and drugs can’t replace, are summed up bit by bit in the long term hard work, is also not learn, spending money is worth learning and using for reference.This experience not only has a good yield increase effect, it can also solve many problems encountered in the process of planting.A tomato lying planting tomatoes are generally the first seedlings after transplanting, but in the process of seedling, due to the influence of various factors, transplanting after easy to lead to growth and lodging, late also easy to premature aging.If the tomatoes upright transplanting to lie, can make full use of the easy to grow tomato stem, the habits of adventitious roots, the extended buries in the stem section, increase the growth of root area, root development, expand the area of the root system to absorb nutrients, 1, moderate growth and prevent the seedlings to lodging, 2, high utilization rate of nutrient uptake, 3, and promote the seedlings,Truly achieve the root strong seedling wang effect, 4, effectively increase the yield and fruit maturity.In addition, tomatoes in pruning, pruning branches do not throw away, remove the bottom of the old leaves, insert the base of the branches into the water, pay attention to do not bask in the sun, a few days will take root, rooting transplanted to the soil will soon blossom and bear fruit.2 planted wide, eggplant eggplant is a kind of common vegetables, exceptionally long growing season, and eggplant leaf blade large, branch particularly strong sex, although its seeds small, but when it grow up like a small tree, other vegetables can be appropriate when transplanting density, but his son was not suitable for planting, the so-called rich, is when transplanting eggplant density cannot too big, if the density is too large,Eggplant leaves large and dense, it is easy to lead to poor ventilation and disease or cause falling flowers, under normal circumstances, the open ground transplant of eggplant, row spacing can not be less than 60 cm, plant spacing can not be less than 40 cm, but also in the growth of pruning and erection.Three, pepper plant litter pepper is a kind of shallow root crops, transplanting time cannot too shallow, so light can lead to nutrient supply shortage, some places pay attention to deep planting seedlings, plant in some places is planted or pay attention to lie flat, but deep cultivation must regularly, cannot too deep, too deep will lead to poor soil permeability and poor root growth condition, if only right, to deep buried cotyledon,The root system is not exposed.Here said the nest, is before transplanting, first dug hole, and then the seedlings of two-thirds of the stem flat or oblique on the hole, covered with soil 8-10 cm thick, but before transplanting need to be buried in the soil above the leaf stems removed.Because of the oblique or flat planting of pepper, the root system is developed than the vertical transplanting, the stalk growth is robust, can promote more fruit, increase output.In fact, in the countryside, some of the old experience, old methods are completely can refer to and use, is very helpful to planting, I do not know what you think about this.If you want to learn more planting experience and methods, welcome to pay more attention.This content is original, welcome to forward and share, all rights reserved, plagiarism.