Will the Jazz beat the lakers by 20 or 30 points tomorrow?Doncic 35 points mavericks win over Cavs right

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Warriors lose to Phoenix, Mavericks move up to third.Come on, come on!Where does the east 77 rank in the league?Doncic 35+9+13 Mavericks capture Cavs 3 in a row!The Mavericks beat the Cavs 120-112, and yesterday’s in-depth article explained that the Mavericks are expected to win and win big on the road.# su sports commentary on April 1, # tomorrow, Sir NBA home game against the Los Angeles lakers: the lakers won’t defeat on road, may last year, I remember, Utah’s pick-and-roll collapse prevention, they can not hold up against god, in can’t keep up with the little black, can only look at schroeder, again and again throughout the game into the paint like black lightning, and the last moment, they are lost on this.Now this season’s Jazz is the same, the ability to defend the pick and roll is very poor, Gobert can not go, also uncomfortable.The Jazz are the most ball-oriented offensive team in the league, with 90 percent of their movement shots coming from behind the basket and beyond the 3-point line.Utah throws 40.6 3-pointers per game, second in the league, and leads the league in 3-point attempts at 47.1 percent.But now there are problems, bojan is injured, ingles was traded, and the team is short of new talent.When the Nets played Utah, the defensive strategy worked: Claxton stuck to the basket and blocked the paint, the Jazz scored 40 points in the paint — 47.5 points per game for the season — and shot less than 50 percent, forcing them to make a lot of plays in the throw zone.And in brown, Dragic and other defenders behind the driving strategy, Mitchell, Conlibar made three, but also a large number of three point line, the offensive space was severely compressed.# old YOUNGman football # Tomorrow the lakers have Howard and rookie Blackie at the 4, if the defensive strategy can be copied, if it works, I think the lakers can stand up.# # su sports commentator at ten o ‘clock in the morning, is only a game, the focus of the war in the west and Sir Home game against the lakers, if jazz is gerber + + Mitchell conley + ingels, bo Yang, and clark + guy + whiteside, the entire first team, I will watch the jazz win, but not tomorrow, tomorrow is the residual matrix, jazz starting two less,With two less reserves, I think the lakers have a chance to go all the way. Without Lebron, at least the defense is better.The lakers aren’t going to lose, 12 points at most.Nets vs. Bucks: Can The Nets’ superstars, Irving and Durant, beat the Bucks individually?