After the Lantern Festival to meet the small travel peak, CarPlay version of Autonavi lane navigation to help Spring Festival travel back

2022-06-29 0 By

As businesses across the country resume work further and schools begin to reopen, travel during the Spring Festival travel rush will once again see a small peak after the Lantern Festival.According to the 2022 Spring Festival Travel Forecast report released by Amap in January, a peak is expected on China’s expressways on Feb 16, then it will gradually slow down and return to normal within a week.Recently, Amap lane level navigation also completed a round of upgrades, further improve the CarPlay version of the user experience, for the relevant users when driving back to provide more worry, less effort navigation guidance services.As an in-car system released by Apple, the core of CarPlay is to enable users to use various smartphone functions while driving by connecting the iPhone to the car model that supports the system (the specific model can be found on apple’s official website).The map navigation, including lane-level navigation, as a core application in the process of driving, has therefore become one of the key points of Apple’s official promotion of CarPlay.As early as last year when Autonavi lane level navigation was fully launched, CarPlay system has been supported.The user only needs to connect the CarPlay system with the iPhone before driving, turn on the Gaudamap APP on the screen of the car and turn on the lane-level navigation switch in the mobile navigation Settings.You can experience the refined guidance of Autonavi lane-level navigation on urban expressways and expressways (currently available for iPhone 8 Plus and above).The biggest change in CarPlay version of Autonavi lane navigation is the adaptation of a larger vehicle screen, which makes autonavi lane navigation, which has restored road information in high definition, have a more intuitive visual experience.It should be noted that, since all current iPhone models do not support high precision lane level positioning, CarPlay version of lane level navigation is also corresponding to Autonavi LANE Level NAVIGATION HD version, which aims to continue to provide users with more precise navigation guidance in the case of limited positioning accuracy.CarPlay’s lane-level navigation has been updated recently with the new V11.13 version of Amap for iPhone.Specifically, the first is the further expansion of visual distance.The new Version of Autonavi’s lane-level navigation has increased the field of view by about 30% when activated, giving users a clearer view of the road conditions at the far end of the navigation.In addition, the new version also added toll station guidance nationwide, so that autonavi lane navigation in the high-speed and urban expressways appear closer to reality, to help users get clearer guidance in the process of entering and exiting toll stations.It is reported that, as amap in the smartphone industry on the first, future-oriented next generation navigation products, lane level navigation can use hd rendering technology, on the screen to restore the maximum extent of the real road scene, including the current road lane number, ground marking lines, entrances and exits, special lanes, etc..For models that support high-precision positioning, the sub-meter high-precision positioning technology of the Beidou System can also be applied, combined with the reference station correction information, and after fusion and calculation, the positioning accuracy can be evolved from the road level of 5-10 meters to the lane level of less than 1 meter.Up to now, Autonavi lane-level navigation that supports high-precision positioning has covered 8 urban fast and high-speed sections in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Tianjin and Chengdu. It supports Huawei P40 series, P50 series, Mate 40 series, Mate X series and Nova 8 Pro.Honor 30 Pro, Honor 30 Pro+, Honor V40, OPPO Find N and some Xiaomi models (please confirm that the high-precision positioning function has been activated in the phone Settings before using the above models).For users with other mainstream models in the market (such as iPhone and its matching CarPlay model) or whose cities do not support lane-level high-precision positioning, Amap has also launched the LANe-level NAVIGATION HD version to provide them with high-quality navigation guidance services on national expressways and urban expressways.Amap is a leading provider of digital map content, navigation and location service solutions in China, committed to building a user-centered “open service platform for going out and living a good life”.In addition to map navigation, Autonavi pioneered the aggregation taxi mode, and its aggregation taxi platform Autonavi Provides users with taxi services jointly with local taxis and online ride-hailing companies.At the same time, it also cooperates with enterprises in related fields to provide hotels, tickets, refueling and other outdoor life services.In addition, Autonavi Maps also provides in-vehicle navigation related services to all major automakers in China and location services to the mobile applications of numerous partners.