To nip in the bud, Dongchangfu District Liangshui Town central primary school to carry out fire drill training conference

2022-06-29 0 By

Qilu evening news · JiLuYi points The reporter TaoChunYan correspondent White became effective in preventing students and school safety accident, keep the students and the school security work, efforts to create safe campus, improve the ability of emergency disposal of all the teachers, on April 6, liaocheng dongchangfu beam water Zhen Town center elementary school organizes all teachers conducted fire safety training activities.Li Tingting, deputy principal of Liangshui Town Central Primary School, showed pictures and videos of fire scenes in recent years, and introduced the causes of electrical fire, gas fire and vehicle fire, how to eliminate fire hazards and how to escape after fire and other basic fire fighting knowledge.The learning of fire fighting knowledge enhanced the teachers and staff of Liangshui Town Central Primary School to have a more profound understanding of fire safety knowledge, but also enhanced everyone’s sense of responsibility and mission for fire safety education, with far-reaching significance, and laid a solid foundation for the construction of “safe campus”.