Wenshui County Market Supervision Administration warm tips

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The 2022 Spring Festival is coming, in order to help the county consumers spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, effectively avoid consumption risks, maintain the current epidemic prevention overall situation, Wenshui County Market Supervision administration warm tips: epidemic prevention awareness to remember, safe and rational Spring Festival.The Spring Festival is the time when the flow of people is at its peak. Many factors may increase the risk of the spread of the epidemic.It is suggested that consumers should continue to tighten the strings of epidemic prevention, actively understand and strictly abide by relevant epidemic prevention policies, make scientific travel plans, and try to avoid crowded public places.We will take active measures to prevent and control the epidemic. We will continue to follow good hygiene practices, such as wearing masks scientifically, washing hands frequently, keeping good ventilation, avoiding gatherings and groups, and maintaining safe social distancing. We will cooperate with the prevention and control work in consumption places.2. Gathering activities should be strictly controlled when holding feasts, advocating “slow weddings, simple funerals and no banquets” to reduce gathering of people.Practice “disc action”, put an end to “waste on the tip of your tongue”, and refuse to eat game.Pay attention to safety, health and nutrition when buying Spring Festival goods.One should choose a reputable online shop or supermarket, do not buy “three no” products.Second, according to the need to buy the right amount of goods, so as not to hoard too much deterioration and waste.When buying imported cold chain food, try not to touch it directly with your hands, and do a good job of external packaging disinfection and other preventive measures. When cooking, cook it thoroughly.Three to carefully read the food packaging production date, shelf life, preservation conditions and other important information, scientific preservation, timely consumption.Encounter illegal situation to my bureau 2334321 in a timely manner to report, in order to further respond to the county party committee, the county government on the severe crackdown on slaughtering and slaughtering to combat the production and sale of fake illegal behavior special action.Iv. Online Shopping Should be cautious When shopping online, we should try to choose e-commerce platforms and stores with complete qualifications, high reputation, standardized management and perfect trading rules, and reasonably exercise the right of “seven days without reason return”.Remind broad consumer not to click unidentified website or link, all shopping link is completed in the official platform, guard against telecom fraud, lest be deceived.During the Spring Festival, special equipment such as elevators and amusement facilities in public places enter the period of high frequency use, and equipment safety accidents are easy to occur. Therefore, attention should be paid to the safety of special equipment when traveling. Please read the “Notice to Passengers” in advance when taking amusement facilities, and carry out entertainment activities according to your own conditions.To remind the majority of consumers to pay attention to the preservation of contracts, invoices and other shopping vouchers when buying goods or accepting services.Wenshui County market supervision Administration solemn commitment: during the Spring Festival I will strictly implement the duty system and emergency duty system, timely processing consumer complaints.Complaints report telephone: 2334321 wish the majority of consumers spend a peace of mind, happy, civilized, harmonious Spring Festival holiday!Source: Wenshui Rong Media Center