Enjoy the Spring Festival to welcome the Winter Olympics!Jiugong Mountain ice and snow tourism is hot

2022-07-02 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, jiugong Mountain ski resort in our county snow and ice tourism is hot, in the ski resort snow facilities hall, tourists who rent equipment line up a long line, to experience the happiness of snow sports snow-covered ski resort, become a new choice for many tourists.Wen-hui Chen hubei jiugong mountain tourism development co., LTD., vice general manager of the winter games held in Beijing this year, as the national policy, the north snow south exhibition promotion, let three hundred million people take part in ice and snow sports policy of tourists now enthusiasm for skiing is very high, starting from the second day to today, every day to the jiugong mountain ski resorts tourists a day on average about three thousand people,Tourists come here to enjoy the snow scenery while skiing is very happy.The east wind of the Winter Olympic Games makes jiugong Mountain skiing extremely popular this year.At the scene, the reporter saw that the jiugong Mountain ski resort visitors woven, many skiing enthusiasts wearing different colors of ski suits, in the ice and snow to enjoy the joy, laughter, screaming.The skilled hands galloped down the intermediate track.There are also a lot of beginners on the beginner slopes, who learn to ski carefully and occasionally fall.Everyone in the ski field to relax mood, experience the passion and happiness of ice and snow sports.At the same time, tourists also said: can not go to the site of the Winter Olympics to cheer for the Chinese team, then come to the ice and snow scene to cheer for the Olympic athletes.(all the media reporters WuWenJun Liu jian xu) tourists difficulty is quite large, for a layman, but fun sex is quite strong, is in the midst of movement to give oneself bring happiness, though very tired, but enjoy the scenery, and then experience the ski or nice, people all over the country together for our Olympic athletes have to hype,I wish them good results, than the style, than the level.Mr. Li, the first time tourists to feel quite cool, just fell a few times, The Chinese team forever god, come on!Mr. Fan coach suggested beginners or please a coach with learning, their first time to ski or flat ground, do not go to the hillside, Olympic athletes win glory for the country, come on!