Now, this is worse than puppy love

2022-07-02 0 By

Ukraine war today heavy artillery, 15 centimeters in diameter, that’s scary enough.The next-door neighbor said it was not terrible, most afraid of the child puppy love.When it comes to puppy love, teachers and parents are startled and have their hearts in their mouths.Delay learning, premature consumption of youth, delay the growth of students.However, nowadays, more terrible than puppy love is this thing: no marriage, no love, no family, no childbearing.Nobody wants to be homeless, but there are more and more homeless people now.And by home, I mean my own home.Some of the post-90s generation around us are working in first-tier cities, while others are working in their hometowns and living with their parents. They all choose to be single.Among the young men and women of marriageable age born in the 1990s, the single rate in first-tier cities has almost reached 50%. Especially in terms of fertility rate, more than 50% choose not to have children.In traditional culture, a person’s struggle is for the sake of his family and the reproduction of his descendants. This is the principle of “benefiting the future generations”.The meaning of individual struggle, many are for the family name, prosperity.After entering the modern society, people’s concept has changed, which seems not very important.In the past two years, the country has developed and the housing price has come down. It is also a very good thing to settle down and have a good life.This comes down to the change of economic model, life model and ideology.First of all, before women could not support themselves and had to find a man to marry.Male to support the family, to develop, we must have success in the career, the so-called “place is scholar”.In this way, there are “men afraid of choosing the wrong line, women afraid of marrying the wrong lang”.Marriage, beauty and reproduction are all natural things.Second, now women are very independent, men and women account for half of the sky, women have stable wages at work, do not rely on men to rely on their own can live delicious, independent economy, independent thinking, based on their own preferences, I can travel for a period of time, can also stay at home doing e-commerce to earn a lot of money.Love can be, but not necessarily marriage and children.There are beauty around me yearning for an unfettered life, once spent half a year to travel around the world on a budget.Happy, independent, and spending basically what she made in the first half of the year.Third, although the housing price has come down now, everyone has a house to live in, and the extra education cost has come down, so it is time to raise a child.However, they think it is not impossible not to have children.Because the original raise son is to prevent old age, in other words, have a family have son is to accompany not lonely, sick when a person end a medicine pour a water.Now with the development of the pension industry, old people do not have to worry about these, there are nursing homes, medical centers, and even the development of the society can have robots to take care of the elderly.Finally, the old woman said, “But that’s not the worst thing. The worst thing is, if there’s a fight around us, will we have enough people?Who will defend the country?What do you think of this phenomenon?