What distinction do technical school and technical school have?

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Without distinction, technical school abbreviation is “technical school”.1. Technical school is a vocational school whose main goal is to learn skills and train talents.Look from school classification, secondary vocational school has 4 kinds: vocational high school, common specialized school, adult specialized school and technical school.Technical schools gradually developed into technical schools, senior technical schools, engineers college three types of horizontal.According to the “Law on Vocational Education” and the current “Three regulations” plan of The State Council, technical schools (engineers college) are managed by the human resources and social security department, and vocational high schools, ordinary middle schools and adult middle schools are managed by the education department.2. Technical secondary school is usually conducted after the nine-year compulsory education, which is equivalent to the senior high school level, but the general senior high school focuses on the teaching of basic knowledge.Intermediate technical schools pay more attention to the training of labor skills. After graduation, they have generally mastered the corresponding labor skills and can be qualified for certain labor positions in the society.3. According to Marx’s theory of all-round development, education must fully and freely develop the educatees’ interests, hobbies and personalities.Secondary vocational education is a matter of course, but it is necessary to provide the educated people with the best possible human nature and realize the value of life education.We should not only train students’ professional ability and quality, but also train individuals from the height of project development, so as to obtain basic knowledge and competitiveness for the future society.