Zhejiang university senior three review method of elder sister, very practical, suitable for middle health and partial health

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The college entrance examination results came out, I came out in the top in the whole county, the total score of 671 points, at that time the in the mind do not mention how happy, because there is this score, the national universities randomly pick, not to mention my sister also passed the independent enrollment of Zhejiang University, I also naturally registered for Zhejiang University.However, I am not plain sailing in the peacetime exam, also experienced setbacks, are basically in peacetime learning medium, partial subject.Before my sophomore year in high school, I was always ranked in the fortieth or fiftieth place in my class, and even worse, in the fifty-sixth place.I remember that my English was very good at that time, and I could compete with the big boys in the class, but my other grades were really poor, especially in science.At the beginning, I could not grasp the basics well, especially mathematics.In mathematics, I was always not fully sure of the answers I selected. In every weekly test, I always had several questions with unclear basic concepts and non-standard answer formats, and the score of the big questions was once very low.As a result of the foundation is not good, learning up to feel some difficulty, with my own words: “to mathematics really has reached the point of abhorrent!Inverse functions, complex functions, monotonicity of functions, etc., are all a mess in my head…”Because I go to school very hate mathematics, so always show the resistance to mathematics and fear of emotion, often function problems make dizzy, depressed, but usually hate it and have to accompany with it day and night.So how did I turn into a dark horse when I was in the college entrance examination?Next, I would like to share my life from the aspects of time management, good study habits, study mentality, and work and rest characteristics, as well as what I do at any time and how I spend my time day after day.Of course, if you’re in high school, it’s not too late.Especially for students in grade one, it is very important to remember that the first semester of grade one is very important, which will directly determine the results of the next two and a half years. After the final exam in December, please check whether there is any change in the math and physical chemistry exams.Good habits in life are very important.I went to bed at 11 p.m., and got up at 6 a.m.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is vital for health, energy maintenance, study and work efficiency.A 20-minute nap is a golden sleep, where your brain is fully rested and you don’t fall into a deep sleep that makes you more tired.Staying away from your phone and reading a book to sleep is the best way to avoid staying up late!If you want to avoid the phone, keep a safe distance from it.I also have some good habits in study habits.By the time you’re in high school, try to be a “smart” and “smart” person who knows what’s most important to you at any given time.In September, after the semester began, I planned the important schedule according to myself, and the study life of high school will be arranged clearly!A strong timeline is necessary, but I’m also starting from scratch and know the difficulty of taking the first step.First of all, MY attitude towards staying up late is negative.I basically denied all the behavior of staying up until 3am in the name of study in senior three.When I was admitted to Tsinghua University, my roommate never went to bed later than 10 o ‘clock and got up more than 5 o ‘clock in the morning, which did not affect her efforts and hard work.Time is not the ruler of hard work.If you really want to get ahead, then give up this lifestyle.Try to get to sleep before 12 o ‘clock, which is better for your study the next day.If you have time to commute to and from school instead of living on campus, you can also: use the time in the car and walking to memorize a text or knowledge point.Little time is the extra time that you have over others, the stuff they ignore, but your golden treasure.Plan your important time, and you’ll find out which subject I’m not doing well in…You can even see which knowledge point I did not remember in the exam, so I laid a solid foundation, except for the last question, almost all of them, the first model reached more than 600;This is exactly in line with the 5:3:2 principle of the college entrance examination, that is, simple questions account for 50%, mid-range questions account for 30%, and difficult and innovative questions account for 20%.The foundation is well done, naturally, it is more than 600.Generally speaking, I put a lot of energy in the study of the college entrance examination.Studying college entrance examination questions can make me subconsciously or clearly discover its routine, so the so-called question sense is probably the same.The college entrance examination, I physics and English research most ruthless.But as it happened, I did the best in these two subjects.I’m not sure it will work, but it should have a big impact.Regarding language, the fundamental principle of narrative reading and long reading is stratification!Layered!Layered!Is that Chinese class teachers will do every class, but no one carefully listen to the “layer the article”!And further improve the need to grasp the ability to find eye related sentences!Do you know, my Chinese was hovering from 108 to 125, and I was surprised!Far beyond the level of the first in my class!By leaps and bounds!Be kind to math. At that time, I always told myself that in the face of some math problems, the more difficult it is, the more afraid it is, the less courage it has to overcome and surpass.At this time the college entrance examination is still a few months time, good efforts, a solid step by step to go down, the final result will not be bad.With such confidence, I clarified my thoughts, I actually learned to distinguish the difference between different functions and the connection, and then from the most basic topic, thoroughly open their ideas, so as to implement a function of all kinds of knowledge points.Secondly, each week after the test of detailed examination paper analysis, combing the important knowledge points of mathematical examination paper, and gradually increase the amount of training, the same type of topic is often analyzed and compared, draw inferences from one another, flexible use.I learned to make a detailed target scheme, sort out the summary and conclusion of the difficult and easy to make mistakes, and strive to run towards their goals, so as to become more and more confident in math learning.English is very important and you need to see if you have a single part of speech error or a logical error.For the former, you need to put the gestalt often test of the word polysemy and test your mood attitude of the word summary!For the latter, if you often can not and the author’s thinking, then I suggest you do not look at the options before finishing the type, first in the process of reading through with your simple feelings to fill in the blank of the type, do not let the options affect the thinking!To read, do enough!But in terms of tricks, there’s one key thing you need to know!To study the college entrance examination!Do not study the question of other provinces!Don’t study simulations!Every morning reading, I always very carefully recite English words and important text paragraphs aloud, many students are still a pair of sleepy state, I feel that I am always so passionate, every spot check recitation of the situation I always behave confident.Managing is comprehensive, should notice to brush problem method.Whether it is high or high, your time is very nervous, the lake is ok, but the sea is determined not to!Before we practice, we scan the questions, cross out the questions that we can easily see, and cross out the questions that we don’t need to do.If you’re not trying to speed things up, you can do more with less.Have a thick skin and don’t be afraid to ask.Learn more answer template at ordinary times, useful examination.Still, you must not think of the first two years of high school fishing, senior year up, that kind of people can be counted on one hand.People who go to top universities in China have been living in senior three since they started in senior one.After entering senior three, I can say that I made great progress, from the model examination of senior three at the beginning of the semester, the class ranked 56, to the last simulation examination of senior three, the class ranked 25.I found that MY usual attitude is quite good, in the face of low grades, will not be too sad.It’s about finding flaws and taking the time to fix them.At 2 am on June 23, 2019, the results of the college entrance examination came out, with 671 points!My good classmate called me the first time to tell me the good news, I was excited to shed tears!Recall their three years of hard work, and their own hard work is proportional to……Today share here, finally emphasize that everything is subject to the college entrance examination.Every student should analyze the real problem from beginning to end, so that the study of the next few years can be targeted, and you can only blame yourself if you don’t start.