Courtesy cabin Trumpchi M8 enjoy up to 8000 yuan replacement subsidy

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In daily life, getting on and off the car for us, just a simple action, one leg easily get on the car.However, for people with mobility difficulties, getting on and off the bus is often a very big test. The appearance of the welfare car is undoubtedly their good news.What is well-being Car?For many people, the concept of “welfare car” is unfamiliar.In fact, the welfare car is specially designed for the aging population and the disabled.At present, in the world, the number of people with mobility problems is increasing, and the requirements of travel quality are constantly improving. The elderly and disabled people with mobility problems need more social care.The scope of its own activities is too small, relying on vehicles to enter or ride uncomfortable.At this time, the existence of welfare car shows great significance.The term “welfare car” originated in Japan and generally refers to a vehicle that allows people with limited mobility to get on and off the bus easily while in a wheelchair.In 1972, Japan’s first barrier-free bus “や (Lily)” officially opened, the car by Machida city and isuzu jointly developed.But as early as the 1950s, just after World War II, Europe and the United States began to develop convenient devices for disabled people to ride in cars.So the origin of this model is not actually in Japan.The most important feature of welfare car is convenience and comfort.At present, there are also some welfare models on the market for sale, but the number is very few, most of them are on the basis of ordinary MPV models, modified seats, modified hydraulic support rods.This kind of modification not only comfort is not guaranteed, there are also large holes for safety problems.Therefore, in China, it is always a difficult problem for people with mobility difficulties to travel. Private cars have little space, and there are still many models with wheelchair requirements.For the elderly who can travel alone, it is also extremely inconvenient to take a bus, facing “steps” and “comfort” issues.This welfare car, is the people need?In the domestic auto market, Guangqi Honda Odyssey and Buick GL8 can be said to be the first to launch the welfare version of the model.Among them, buick GL8 well-being version of the price is 3089-329,900;Odyssey is even more expensive, with the two models selling for 3498/376,800 yuan each.The price of more than 300,000 also makes some families powerless, and refit from the basic models is not comfortable and not safe, so we might as well turn our eyes to the direction of domestic brands.In June, GAC Trumpchi launched the M8 Welfare model, which offers a more valuable option.Trumpchi M8 Welfare edition has launched 4 configurations, and the starting price of 259,800 yuan is very close to the people, providing more choices for organizations and individuals who need welfare models.Trumpchi M8 welfare car is equipped with exclusive welfare seats on the basis of ordinary models, providing more convenient and comfortable travel experience for the elderly or people with mobility difficulties.It is worth mentioning that trumpchi M8 Welfare edition is equipped with the original vehicle aviation customized development of welfare seats, compared with the Well-being model GL8 and Odyssey, in terms of comfort and convenience.What should be emphasized is that its welfare seat is equipped with a more intimate mo function, which is also the first in domestic welfare cars, and can achieve very good effect in relieving fatigue.In addition, the new car also offers the first seat seat three-point seat belt design, unlike other models which fasten the seat belt inside the car.Such a design can make the well-being seat passengers when getting on and off the bus to play a more intimate, safer protection.It also makes it easier to fasten seat belts for passengers.In order to take care of passengers more widely, the Trumpchi M8 Welfare version has expanded its passenger load to 120kg, far more than the GL8 and Odyssey Welfare version’s 100kg.Of course, even if it is a welfare seat, the technological configuration of the natural can not be missing.The Welfare seat on the Trumpchi M8 can be controlled via the phone’s Bluetooth, in addition to the regular in-car button controls.The seat can be controlled on the phone, and remote control is more convenient in practical use.Conclusion: Although the Well-being car has not been mass-produced or extensively covered in the Chinese market at present.Still belongs to the minority model, but for the elderly and disabled people, is undoubtedly the greatest degree to solve the convenience and comfort of travel.For some families, it is no longer a “hassle” to travel with someone with mobility problems.This greatly reduces travel difficulties and provides a more comfortable travel environment for the family.As the concept of cars continues to mature, the demand for welfare cars will further increase in the future. It is believed that domestic independent automobile brands will also launch more welfare models suitable for people with mobility difficulties.The event will run from February 20, 2022 to February 21, 2022