Last year, 12345 accepted more than 379,000 valid items

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Zhuzhou Evening News (reporter/Liao Zhiyong correspondent/Tan Tingting) reporter yesterday from the mayor hotline office to learn that 2021 “12345” government service convenience hotline (hereinafter referred to as “12345 hotline”) a total of 379,946 people reflect effective matters,Complaints about human resources and social security, emergency management, urban and rural planning and construction, and housing and land are hot spots.Last year, 99.9 percent of the people were satisfied with the handling of incidents.In 2021, 12345 hotline connected 455,492 calls (including 82,545 calls from county-level platforms), an increase of 42.3% year-on-year.A total of 379,946 valid items were accepted through the mayor’s hotline, mayor’s mailbox, Weibo and wechat, online posts and 110 forwarding, an increase of 56.4% year-on-year.The 12345 hotline was handed over to relevant units to handle 83,310 cases, with a completion rate of 98.3%, and the mayor’s hotline handled 25,530 return visits.12345 hotline to accept matters effectively, the prominent reflect the appeal of the top 10 is the human resources and social security, emergency management, urban and rural planning and construction and housing land, transportation management, social security, urban management of city appearance and life service, financial and commercial finance, resources and environment, science-education-culture-health propaganda.Among them, 85,534 petitions related to human resources and social security were the most prominent, mainly related to social security card application and loss reporting, medical insurance settlement in other places, information inquiry and correction of insurance participants, endowment insurance payment for landless farmers, social insurance payment for urban residents, unemployment subsidy and vocational qualification certificate examination.In addition, the epidemic prevention policy during the epidemic period last year, the management of ride-hailing services and driving schools, noise, fume and garbage station odor, property management issues, financial investment and consumer rights protection are also hot topics for residents to consult and complain.In addition to complaints, many citizens called the 12345 hotline to make positive suggestions on public facilities construction and city management, which were forwarded by the Mayor’s hotline office. Some suggestions were adopted by the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal Government or relevant departments and enterprises.For example, after the zhuzhou railway Station renovation project was launched, the demand for some people to travel by The Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan intercity railway increased, and the suggestion of increasing bus frequency and bus station extension was put forward, which was studied and adopted by Zhuzhou Public Transport Development Co., Ltd. and made corresponding adjustments in time.Last year, 34 of the 38 municipal government service convenience hotlines were merged, forming a working mechanism of “number one external, appeals summary, classified disposal, unified coordination, all parties linkage, within a limited time, evaluation and assessment”.However, there are several prominent problems with 12345.First, the undertaking unit does not pay enough attention to the work order implementation is not in place;Individual undertaking units in the work sheet to accept the relevant complaints to avoid serious, mutual buck-passing.For example, when people complained about problems such as cables, manhole covers and parking of fire escape, the relevant departments did not go to the scene to verify the specific situation and blindly returned the order.Second, the knowledge base management of the undertaking unit is not perfect, and there is the phenomenon of slow update;The staff of some undertaking units are not aware enough to update the knowledge base actively, which leads to the fact that part of the citizens’ consultation cannot be accurately answered, and the related problems of complaints cannot be properly dealt with.This year, the mayor’s hotline office will strengthen individual supervision and effectively promote the solution of problems.Units that do not handle the assigned matters in a timely manner, do not solve their appeals in place, shirk their responsibilities, and perfunctory responsibilities shall be notified in accordance with relevant regulations.