The Chinese palace | light reading 】 Xie Zhiliu “spring resentments” : is the awaken of spring is abundant

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Xie Zhiliu “Lingyan Spring early” 96x44cm Chinese painting in 1980 China Art Palace (Shanghai Art Museum) collection of the whole painting to freehand brushwork, and take a corner of the mountain to describe, a change in the painter’s early Northern Song dynasty giant barrier landscape painting method, is to the southern Song Dynasty corner of the exaggerated summary and use of landscape.In painting, we pay attention to the bone method of using the pen, that is, we first study the point painting of the pen, relying on a pen, dribs and drashes, blocks, black and white, dry and wet, thick and light, to create a unique style of “Xie’s yunshui”.On the basis of light color in ink and wash, the painter has a thin cover of green, and the temperature is beautiful. This picture shows the peaks and peaks, the clouds and the green shadows, the artistic conception is fresh, and the rocks and the water are surrounded by ancient trees.This painting composition is magnificent, the brushwork is vigorous and clumsy, the ink is cang run, the style is vigorous and elegant, the layout is reserved and cautious, and the scene of spring is abundant.Author: China Art Palace