The hot spring town of Mayu Valley is looking forward to the New Year

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In 2009, yunnan kang brigade group (formerly yunnan city to vote) consists of tengchong imperial hot spring valley investment co., LTD., invested more than 3 billion yuan, around the world high quality hot spring resources would be within the scope of 3.17 square kilometers of land into a “not far away from busy, closer to nature” family WenQuanKang raise resort town – the imperial valley hot spring town.This is the skeleton of the Valley of Maio, which is connected to four villages with rice paddies scattered among them;75% of the land is reserved for original ecological features and 25% is used for construction. This is ma Yugu’s attitude.All the contents and buildings are for a warm life, which is the original intention of Ma Yu Valley.Looking back the construction of the small town has been brought to the heart of the fear and respect for the in culture, in line with the principles of restore and protect the original texture, about life, vacation, art, multiple complex function on the level of education, community, etc, in the form of dot layout rooted in terraced fields, valleys and mountains, maximum limit retained the original ecological natural landscape.Adhering to the principle of protective development with a state of mind almost of faith, let mountains remain mountains, fields remain fields, let ancient villages remain intact, let architecture be integrated with nature, let art coexist with mountains and fields, and let the town be integrated with original features.In the current epidemic, our lives have undergone unexpected changes, such as live delivery, online shopping, online office, online learning, online medical treatment, online movie watching, online entertainment…The formation of a new economic development industry chain has brought a heavy blow to the tourism industry, but ma Yugu hot spring town did not retreat, did not give up forward, persevered step by step to survive.The epidemic is still severe, but no winter is insurmountable, and no spring will come…In 2021, the operation and management of Ma Yugu will closely follow the development strategy of “Healthy life destination”. Combining the advantages of the town’s location, resources and culture, ma Yugu will grasp the characteristics of characteristic town, tourist resort, 3A scenic spot and living community in one. According to the concept of “integration, symbiosis and sharing”,We will promote the integrated development of the health industry with tourism, sports, culture, and education.At present, the entity operation properties owned by the town mainly include hotels, hot springs, commercial streets, kindergartens and other entities as well as some scenic spots.With the arrival of the first working day of the New Year, ma Yugu Hot Spring Town has been ploughing deeply in Tengchong for 13 years.Town in the next year, will be to consolidate and improve the health the key stage of industrial development, in the long run, the outbreak era under the kang, tourism and other consumer market development, to the town of operations has brought new opportunities and challenges, we should deepen the “three bases” construction work, attract more high quality, raising, tourism, vacation, resources, research and development more town characteristics of service products.Optimize the layout of operation formats and make the existing operation content step by step towards the direction of great health and great tourism;Create a good community atmosphere and business environment, on the premise of effectively enhancing the reputation of the town, but also effectively realize the transformation of business interests, no matter for the benign operation of existing business or help real estate sales can play a positive role.① Continue to deepen the construction of the “three bases” on the premise of building the health integration industry, attract investment, revitalize the vacant space, optimize and adjust the existing operation content, enrich the service products, and make it step by step to the big health and tourism industry.(2) combined with “pink ribbon” agencies in town to build the health healing destination for women consumer groups, to explore “swim, learning, to raise, healing, the more” as one of the new health industry pattern, the late audience can be extended to the whole family, all ages, will truly town in yunnan province and even the domestic top destination of healthy life.(3) to build rich interesting community life town has a very high quality customer and consumer customers owner, relying on the “three bases” created by the service content, guide them to establish more interest group, rich in their life, make them interested in town services, products, and even develop their spending habits,Let them influence more people to join these organizations, and bring more consumption power to the town, so as to better improve the sales conversion efficiency and obtain greater profits.M imperial valley hot spring town tour from construction to operation, a total of 13 years development train of thought, with the yunnan kang brigade group “kang, raising, brigade” policy, as well as national advocacy of “beautiful country” and “ecological construction” two big policy unswervingly implement and continuously explore, is building a healthier, more comfortable way of life.In 2022, people who come to the town can feel the temperature of the town and are willing to stay, so that the town really becomes a “new hometown” that people can go back to.