Ferrari’s first SUV accepts a pre-ordered landing of about 6.3 million yuan per V12 engine

2022-07-06 0 By

Ferrari has officially released a teaser image of its first SUV model, Purosangue, while Chinese social media platforms have revealed pre-orders for the car.According to the exposed information, Ferrari Purosangue now accepts reservations and begins to receive the intended deposit. VIP customers in Ferrari system will be the first group to take the car, which is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2023.The new car only provides the 12-cylinder power version in the early stage, with an estimated base price of 4.6 million yuan, and about 6.3 million yuan after optional configuration and taxes.From the previous announcement of the trailer, the new car used ferrari’s family design concept, the front side of the lamp group shape quite SF90 model flavor, and in the interior equipped with LED daytime running lights, these are the most obvious features of the trailer.Next we’ll brighten up the image and get a peek at the new car’s design in detail.With as much brightness as possible, we can get a complete look at the shape of the new car.The front air intake grille adopts a single strip through the design, and is connected with the two sides of the big light group, improving the visual width of the front.The shape of the new front engine hatchcover is also very distinctive, and its uplifted arc design highlights the sense of power.In addition, the front enclosure of the new car adopts a large cooling/ventilation opening design, and the “C shape” on both sides of the styling style, fully showing the vehicle’s aggression.However, the interior design of the former enclosure is hidden in shadow and will not be known until the official release.But before the outside network has actually leaked the ferrari this new model without fake real car figure, combined with the official trailer, its appearance will not be changed, lamp group modeling, the design of the front surround and trailer details can be corresponding.In addition, the rear of the new car is also exposed, taillight group for a bilateral total of four smoked rectangular lamp, rear surrounded with a large tail diffuser, and with a bilateral total of four exhaust layout.Will use the new car ferrari before the new engine of car body structure, or will launch with 296 GTB hybrid V6 engine, now rumoured V8 hybrid even V12 engine self-priming are also likely to be equipped with the new car, dual-clutch gearbox transmission part is still matching, and placed on the rear axle, in order to balance the vehicle before and after weight ratio, in addition,A four-wheel drive system will also be standard.The new car will be officially launched in the second half of 2022.