Great Wall sedan and 5S arrived at the battlefield to sound the independent high-end assault horn

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Recently, with the promotion of sustainable development strategy of energy and continuous progress in the field of intelligent vehicles, new energy vehicles ushered in a rapid development stage.According to the statistical analysis of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2021, the sales volume of new energy vehicles is 3.521 million, with a year-on-year increase of 1.6 times and a market share of 13.4%.Among them, the sales volume of pure electric vehicles totaled 2.734 million units, and the sales volume of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles totaled 600,000 units, exceeding the sales volume of pure electric vehicles with a year-on-year growth of 121.6%.It can be seen that although pure electric models are still the main force in the new energy vehicle market, the growth momentum is not as good as plug-in hybrid models because range anxiety has not been completely solved.On the other hand, plug-in hybrid models have been widely recognized and concerned by consumers with their excellent fuel economy, strong power performance and some local policies.As the change of domestic new energy market structure, a large number of excellent independent car companies focus on PHEV segment layout, represented by the Great Wall of DHT – PHEV long range PHEV vehicles, well solved the pure electric vehicle range anxiety, charging, limited usage scenarios, and motorcycle fuel limit, limit line, the cost is higher demand pain points, let users to get rid of”Burning is electricity “choice question, focus on” plug and mix “this a better answer.The plug-in hybrid technology of Great Wall Lemon hybrid DHT system is destined to play a very important role in the gradual electrification process of the automobile industry.And among them, the Great Wall of a new brand is causing our attention.PHEV — The key point for Great Wall “BC” to break through recently, in the bidding documents of “Great Wall Holding Tendering Center”, the expression of “BC” appeared for the first time, which can indicate that the Great Wall official has indirectly admitted the internal code name “BC” automobile project, is the sixth new sub-brand of Great Wall.Combined with all kinds of news exposed on the network before, this “BC” brand is the Great Wall car in the rumor, and it is likely to be an important carrier of the Great Wall PHEV.Focusing on the Great Wall’s own technical route, “BC” this new car brand has a great probability to take the route of Lemon DHT.At present, Great Wall is intensively promoting the pace of DHT-PHEV, at present, the Great Wall’s hafu, Wei brand new models are using new hybrid technology.The picture also shows the exposure of BC car spy photos.
According to the Parallel Management Measures of Average Fuel Consumption of Passenger Vehicle Enterprises and New Energy Vehicle Credits released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2020, the average fuel consumption target of new passenger vehicles in 2025 is 4.0 l / 100km, and the requirement of new energy vehicle credits ratio in 2021-2023 is 14%, 16% and 18%, respectively.PHEV, which has both the advantages of traditional fuel models and pure electric models, will also effectively save energy and reduce emissions for moped enterprises, promote sustainable development of energy, and get rid of the development situation that traditional fuel vehicles are restricted by the double integral policy.Policy pressure is also the impetus for BC to step up new energy technology.In fact, from the perspective of the market, it is not difficult to see that after the early wild development of the new energy market, it has now entered the stage of high-quality development driven by the market and product.After in-depth adjustment before the explosion of the terminal market, PHEV, which represents high-end industrial technology, can also become the anchor for the high-end of the brand.The picture shows that PHEV field will be the only way for Great Wall motor to develop its power in terms of overall industry policy, Great Wall’s own technical orientation and market direction.PHEV — is both an opportunity and a challenge. At present, the trend of independent brands breaking the situation is obvious. High-end car is no longer the territory of foreign brands, and it is timely for “BC” brand to emerge at this time.Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall, once said: “The opportunity for Chinese brands is fleeting. Only by quickly amplifying their advantages can they lead the race.”For the understanding of this “front-runner theory”, the author thinks there are three reasons.First, For the first time, Chinese consumers lead the world in automobile consumption.Chinese users’ awareness and acceptance of new energy is increasing at a speed that can be seen by the naked eye.According to the data analysis of the Association, China’s production and sales of new energy vehicles have topped the world for six consecutive years.In 2021, the penetration rate of new energy has reached 13.77%, far exceeding markets such as the United States (4.44%) and Japan (1.26%).There was a time when Chinese consumers lagged behind the rest of the world in automobile awareness.That hard-earned window allowed China to lead the world.Second, the rapid iteration of Chinese enterprises’ technology is forming an outbreak period.In the PHEV market segment, China has a late-comer advantage in hybrid technology, which will match or even surpass fuel vehicles in economy, safety, reliability and experience.Due to the rapid development of electric, intelligent, networked and shared automobile “new four”, it also caters to the expectations and demands of the younger generation for automobiles.Third, traditional luxury brands are slow to enter new energy.As foreign brands with the advantages of its fuel technology, the fuel car still have higher profit space, for the incoming new energy has been slow, at the same time, the price of import of new energy vehicles and localization of a short time to complete, so foreign luxury brands in the field of new energy power is always the heart is unable to do, give up the development of independent brands to create the perfect time.The picture shows the scene picture of “Great Wall Motor 2025 strategy conference and the 8th science and technology Festival opening ceremony” but at the same time, we do not look down upon foreign brands.Any global enterprise has a strong technical foundation, with foreign brands stepping up the pace of technological catch-up, “elephant pacing” once accelerated, will also bring unprecedented impact to independent brands.From “hanging on by a thread” to “The leading opportunity for A Chinese car brand, only once.”Wei Jianjun, with a sense of crisis, has given the answer.At present, the independent brand ushered in the best era of brand development.After decades of foreign-funded enterprises monopolizing the high-end market, independent brands have seized the opportunity to successfully break through in a number of core technology fields, and their comprehensive strength has also been improved unprecedeningly. They are gradually recovering the market that belongs to us.Coupled with the rise of the tide, many consumers put down the blind pursuit of foreign brands, to the independent brand development to create more favorable conditions.Now, it is the highlight moment for independent brands to seek a strong accumulation, Changan, Geely, BYD and so on are in this new energy track to give full play to their strengths to attack the city, and the Great Wall, which is good at plug-in hybrid technology, is also confident, pointing to the luxury car market.We look forward to the appearance of “BC” brand, which can win a piece of territory for our own brand in the luxury car market and help The Chinese brand to make progress continuously.