China has added another gold medal to its winter Olympics record, while Germany and Norway are locked in a showdown

2022-07-08 0 By

Beijing Winter Olympic Games entered the 8th competition day (February 12), a total of 6 gold MEDALS, Chinese team Gao Tingyu broke the Olympic record, for China won the 4th gold, China’s 4 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze provisional seventh place.Norway won two gold MEDALS that day, Norway began to surpass Germany, once rose to the top of the gold medal table.However, the last gold medal of the day was won by Germany, Germany again exceeded, Germany and Norway top dogfight!Gao Tingyu of China won the men’s 500m speed skating final with 34.32, giving China another gold medal.The time broke the Olympic record of 34.41 set by a Norwegian athlete.Cha Min-kyu of South Korea and Mori Shigehang of Japan won the second and third place respectively.The Chinese women’s curling team beat defending champion Sweden 9-6 to earn their first win of the round-robin stage.The United States, Italy and Canada won gold, silver and bronze MEDALS in the mixed team snowboard slalom chase.Biathlon men’s 10km short distance event, Norway won the first and third place, France took the second place.Norway, Japan and Germany won gold, silver and bronze MEDALS in the final round of men’s individual ski jumping.The Russian Olympic team won a gold medal in the women’s 4x5km relay in cross-country skiing.Germany relies on women’s steel snowmobiles (Hanna nai ze), winner of the gold MEDALS in Germany also reached eight gold, Germany to 8 gold 5 silver and 1 bronze Norway top pressure, Norway in second place, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, the gold MEDALS are five, were three, four, five, Austria, China’s gold MEDALS are 4 rounds, ranked sixth, seven.Russia Olympic Committee 3 gold medal ranking 8, Italy, Japan, Slovenia, Switzerland’s gold medal number are 3, a total of 26 delegations won MEDALS!