I strongly promoted 3 ancient novels: “Nobles of qing Dynasty”, “Charming art”, “Ordinary difficult to obey”, stay up to chase

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to Zhiyue School. Nice to meet you all.Xiaobian every day for everyone to collect a variety of wonderful novels, so that fans and friends read addiction, so that time is abundant, I hope we can like it.Strong push 3 ancient speech kind novel: “big qing noble person” “jiao art” “ordinary difficult follow orders”, stay up late after the first: “Jiao art” author: Xumi pu pu wonderful excerpt priority: fully spent several days of kung fu, two people finally put the house in order.This one is not in the downtown, left near is some of the storehouse of the merchant, only small family, still far away, easy not easy to meet.Fortunately, it is also convenient to go out to do things, such as buying firewood, rice, oil and salt, POTS and pans, which is going through the day.For fear of outsiders gossip, Ji Qingling and Gu Yanzhang pretend to be brother and sister, they settled here.As long as she changed her dress, she was no different from ordinary children. When no one knew her at this time, she simply acted like a boy and went out looking for her with Gu Yanzhang.In the Jin Dynasty, men and women were less strict than later generations. Yanzhou was also a border town, and women were used as men in wartime. Gu Yanzhang grew up in such an environment, but he also found ji Qingling’s men’s clothing more convenient.In the past, they were in a hurry to escape and did not pay much attention to it. Now they want to live in Earnest.Ji Qingling and Gu Yanzhang made a big circle around the county middle schools, and immediately had a headache.This Jixian and Yanzhou are not quite the same, even ordinary academy, want to be admitted to the hospital is not a simple thing to pay a shu, worship a gentleman can be done.”In April, there are still nearly three months to go. I have to study for a while. Even if I can’t get into The Ming Liang Mountain, I should be able to go to the state school.”Gu Yanzhang holding a volume of analysis.His hand is ji County a few years ago academy selected to test the article.There are two of the best academies here, one named Qingming and one named Liangshan, which were built by the people themselves, but the official zhongzhou school founded by Jizhou ranked behind.Jixian originally in the territory of Jizhou, is a big county, the rest of the county is not famous, but famous for talent.Jixian was used to producing talented people in the history of the Jin Dynasty. In the nearly 100 years since the establishment of the Jin Dynasty, it had won two No.1 scholars, one Tanhua, and dozens of Jin Scholars.In the border city of Yanzhou, even if a scholar can have the yamen recognition, but this Ji County, the scholar is literally everywhere, exaggerating, go to the street to find a vendor to buy food, can not say that some people in his tribe is a scholar.The population here was small, but there were hundreds of academies, both large and small, which made it a popular place for students to study and gradually became the most prosperous big county under the jurisdiction of Jizhou.The academy in Jixian became a climate, which naturally provoked students to come. As long as anyone could be called a famous head, selection would be set up at the beginning of the year, and only those students with excellent qualifications would be admitted to hospital.Hibiscus continued: “This is no wonder, Jin Xiu is usually a timid.They say she’s seeing things, but she doesn’t believe them.”Seeing is believing, jinxiu will not believe it.If it was carried out of the house, jin Xiu home may not be able to spend money to her medical treatment, plus the conditions outside the house after all……Ronghua frowned. She could not have killed a man just after entering the house.Hibiscus looked at the expression on Ronghua’s face, when she opened her eyes slightly from the mass grave, the young lady was also like this, a thoughtful frown.Hibiscus scared a jump, “young lady, you can’t literally come out, jin xiu is a big wife in the room, you tube of, say young lady just entered the house, big wife is paying attention to your every move.””There’s nothing to be done now. Everybody’s done everything they can to persuade her, and she won’t listen to anything you say.If your mistress is thinking of her, she had better wait till she is taken out of the house, and seek more money for her family, and the best doctors she can get.”It’s simple. When we get to the palace, she uses her connections to send the money so no one will know?Outside is more person much eye miscellaneous, can’t do in the house, want to classics twists and turns more outside the house, and splendid this matter, besides her outside, no one can accomplish.”Miss…”Ronghua shook his head and hibiscus knew he could not persuade him to go in.”And what else happened at the hall?””Miss Six and Aunt Four have met twice recently.”Advantech had always been far away from her birth mother, and suddenly she had a relationship…It was exactly what she thought.Hibiscus lowered his voice, “once Zhou’s mother ate wine and said that big miss has not been pregnant words will certainly pick a young lady from the house in the past…”The Duke house is no ordinary place.Although she is just an aunt, she is sure to be adopted by the eldest lady as the eldest son and heir to the title.First: Two days later, the sable cloud satin cloak sent to the needlework office had been cured. Looking at the neat and integrated hair, Yao Jiaxin could not help admiring the skill of the embroiderer.”Put a little make-up on me, and let’s go to the Throne room to give thanks to the Concubine.”Yao Jiaxin leisurely command way.It’s a little hard to give up such a nice cloak.It was already the tenth day of her transitory. others were not allowed to contact her, but this lady was a must.Element rain looked for shoe of basin bottom of flower of a pair of thick silver green plain satin of warmth, put on such “high-heeled shoes” still have a bit habit really, heel is in sole middle, because this balance sex needs some more carefully.These days, Yao Jiaxin was in the house to practice, walk stumbling, element rain and others did not suspect anything, only when she was too weak after illness, so just walk instability.Yes, who would doubt that she didn’t know how to walk in flower-basin shoes?Fortunately, the sole is not too high, and there is a vegetable rain to help, slowly walk is not a big problem.The reflection in the bronze mirror was a thin face, so dim that it was impossible to see.Su Yu stood at the back and gave her a upright head. She smiled and said, “These two days, the little Lord looks much better.”His complexion was indeed quite different from that of the day when he first came. At least his face was pale and sallow as the cold healed, revealing a white face, pale and weak with no blood.Do face film continuously for several days, used many top class frost of late frost, essence again, skin qualitative was improved many, feel smooth and exquisite many.Also thanks to this face bottom is good, the skin color is very white, there is no scar spots, pores are small, is not well taken care of for a long time, the skin is a little rough.In the second place, the face and features were actually very good. The standard face was too thin, with long eyebrows and a thin tail, which had the appearance of distant eyebrows, and a meaningful meaning. The eyes were large and clear in black and white, the nose was small and delicate, and the lips were not badly shaped, but lacked color.She would have been quite a beauty, had she been well nourished and looked.– at least prettier than her.(Click below to read for free) Today’s book list is shared here, do you like the type?If so, please pay attention to xiaobian and collection yo ~ we will be there or square next time!