I’ve been struggling with my body!How about you?

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I long to be a lightning bolt, but I stay as fat as ever.If you can’t control your weight, how can you control your life?Three sentences, each one hitting a nerve?Do you believe that being overweight and out of shape must be because you’re lazy and greedy?NO!Who doesn’t love a good body?But when it develops into body anxiety, that’s where it stops.Everyone desires to appear in a good state in front of others, to be liked and appreciated by others from the outside to the inside, thus developing positive interpersonal relationships and social emotional connections.Being rejected or rejected for not being physically attractive is a very bad emotional experience and can seriously undermine an individual’s self-esteem and sense of self.Psychological expert tells you, undertake weight and image management it doesn’t matter moderately, but because of dissatisfaction with his figure and excessive anxiety, “sad” hurt the body again.You haven’t escaped an epidemic of youth?From “cartoon A4 waist” “backhand touch navel” body PK, to the pursuit of small size outfit, “thin for thin” has become a “epidemic”.We are actually in an era of “thin as beautiful”.Many people feel they need to be thinner to look good, no matter how much they weigh.Is it fun to constantly struggle with your body?Let’s look for psychological reasons.1. Have a Negative Self-Image Nowadays, with the development of the Internet and the diversity of social media, the Internet can present beautiful images of men and women in the world to people anytime and anywhere.Faced with the impact of a large number of dominant images, coupled with the single social aesthetic standards, people are easy to feel dissatisfied with their appearance, and then produce anxiety, and even serious body disorder.Body phase disorder refers to the individual objectively normal appearance, but subjectively think that each part of their ugly, so the heart is extremely painful, anxiety of a psychological disease.2. Being overly concerned with your own image and the opinions of others.There is a good metaphor that such a person is like living in the spotlight of the stage, feeling that his every move is noticed and commented on by others.Because of care, so fear.But the truth is, even if you achieve an “impeccable” body or appearance level, it’s not your personality traits or thoughts that are recognized, so even if you have a great body now, you’re still at risk of being judged in the future.Having an independent self is the foundation of building self-confidence.One of the causes of “body anxiety” is that one does not recognize oneself and always wants to cater to others and let others like and accept him.In terms of how social or environmental opinion affects your body shape, you need to ask yourself: Is your dissatisfaction with yourself because you can’t please yourself?Or is it because you can’t please others?If it’s the latter, please understand that no matter how good you look or how nice your body is, you can’t make everyone like you.Don’t worry you are actually quite good-looking!Beauty is diverse.You are the only one.Instead of body anxiety, let’s start with the following tips.1. Establish a correct aesthetic concept Beauty is diverse, do not be imprisoned by a single aesthetic concept.”Factory Settings” different, shape, figure is naturally different.Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Finding your own healthy body image can help you stay alert and reduce anxiety during social interactions.2. Reduce your Focus on your Body Being in a good shape is enviable, but life shouldn’t be filled with the pursuit of a “good” body.On a daily basis, try to pay active attention to the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and touches of everything you are doing or experiencing. Try to notice the details that you take for granted.For example, when you eat, how do your tongue, teeth and cheeks work together to chew?Learn to focus, and you’ll get better at focusing on the other important things in your life.3. Enhance your Inner Value and Boost Your Self-confidence Being pretty doesn’t necessarily create real confidence, but confidence can actually make you more beautiful.Read more books, more development of their own interests and hobbies, enrich themselves, enhance their own intrinsic value.The quality of the inner world, will let a person radiate the light of confidence.Research shows that exercise reduces anxiety by releasing the “happy hormone” dopamine.At the same time, exercise on the premise of health is also an effective way to have a good figure.Need to remind is, many “figure anxiety patient”, be keen on diet reduce weight, even through urge vomit wait for extreme method, reduce take food.Such a person is easy to go on a diet – anorexia – refuse to eat the road, and eventually develop anorexia.Because of “body anxiety” to the disease state, even life-threatening, that is not worth the gain.There is a saying that goes, “The body is just a vessel to carry your spirit. Respect it, not fight it!”