Shijiazhuang branches two days to complete the registration of electric bicycles more than 30,000

2022-07-08 0 By

A total of 31,279 electric bicycles (including official and temporary plates) have been installed in shijiazhuang, capital of North China’s Hebei Province, in the morning of February 16.The registration points are currently operating at full capacity. With the increase of staff proficiency, we believe that the speed of registration and installation will be further accelerated.It is understood that since February 14, Shijiazhuang city began to carry out the registration of non-operating electric bicycles for residents. In the morning of February 16, yuhua District 3302 district registration point more than 50 residents who have made an appointment are waiting in line, under the guidance of staff, residents lined up in four lines orderly waiting,The license plate shall be installed in scan code verification area, license plate installation area and photo uploading area according to the process.Some elderly people who do not know how to register online come to the site to ask, and the staff help them to complete the registration by hand.The citizen Mr. Zhang introduced that after scanning the code on the mobile phone to make an appointment, the site installation can be completed in five minutes.The shijiazhuang city bureau staff, on February 14, 15, a total of two days to complete installation, 31279 (including formal plate and temporary plate), the back of the installation as business skilled will be more and more quickly, and has discussed the general public concern of the reply, first of all, the vehicle license plate after selling together with the electric bicycle is transferred to new owners name,The car owner’s name can be changed through the APP, which is currently under development;Secondly, if the electric car is lost, the license plate can be cancelled on the APP, or the owner goes to the police station to report the theft. After receiving the report, the police will transfer the license plate of the stolen car to the stolen warehouse.And inform the general public of Shijiazhuang, to qiaoxi, Xinhua, Chang ‘an, Yuhua, high-tech five district electric bicycle registration registration after completion, other counties will also start registration registration work;Finally remind the public, the recent appointment card number is more, resulting in a large backlog of background data.We are coordinating with the relevant authorities and this issue will be resolved soon.Also remind the residents who have received the approval first do not worry to the site for handling, to receive the second message containing the installation time, site address content, and then to the site for handling, can maximize save your time.(Yandu Rong Media reporter Liu Tao)