Should network novel write outline after all?A little white heart, no outline is the easiest Calvin

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Nowadays, many online novel writers are struggling with whether to write an outline.I don’t write an outline unless the editor needs it.In addition to many net writing training classes, those teachers will say: write novels without outline!Is it true?Personally, I think writing a novel requires an outline.Although I am not a great god, I deeply feel the importance of outline through my recent record of jumping on the street.If you don’t write an outline, you don’t know what to write next. You write when you have a picture in your mind or a spark of inspiration, but what if you don’t have it?How can you write a story if you don’t know where it’s going?Anyone who thinks you can write a novel without an outline is either a true god or a blind guide.Or even up to no good.We’re just starting out, so let’s stick to the syllabus.Ok, that’s all, let’s continue today’s reading sharing.Continue with the classic book Story Strategies.Yesterday, we studied heroic objective paragraph 16. Today we will continue with Heroic objective Paragraph 17.Now, the growing sense of imminent reward must unfold.1. Make final preparations for the showdown with opponents or opponents.The great power of the adversary is once again present, but this time perhaps in a more personal way for the protagonist.Countdown is close to zero, or deadly danger is approaching.4. The hero is full of strength and courage when he demonstrates through his actions what makes him special — often through the third step in his development as a character who has overcome internal conflict (if he does not appear in paragraph 16).—————————— That’s paragraph 17, see what you can do.In this passage, the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist or the antagonist’s surrogate reaches a high point, and the protagonist is fully prepared for the battle.The villain’s power is once again on display, and it’s starting to take on a personal duel.The countdown that had appeared before was nearing its end, and deadly danger was imminent.The protagonist has fully demonstrated his strength and courage by overcoming his inner conflict, leaving everyone full of expectations for the final result.The above is my personal understanding of this paragraph, if you have any new ideas, feel free to let me know in the comments section.Well, that’s all for today’s sharing.If you also want to write a wonderful story, also want to create your own novel, please follow me, let us progress together.My personal official account “pen to walk the world” has updated a lot of writing dry goods, looking forward to the same writing dream you!There were books to read, writing tips, past pitfalls, and things I learned only in paid classes.Looking forward to your attention!Finally, if you like this article, give the author a thumbs up!Thank you very much!# I write novels in toutiao ## Reading share ## Network novel writer #