What are the requirements of thangka painters when they draw thangka?

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Painting thangka is equivalent to the artist’s personal practice. After all, the content is related to Buddhism, so there are many requirements for the artist when painting thangka.During the painting period, Thangka painters should not smoke or drink too much, and they should be calm and have no distractions, let alone sex. Therefore, Thangka painters are usually the best monks.Beginners such as the beginning of the drawing paper (line drawing) if there is a wrong drawing or other factors caused by the waste of the time can not throw it, it must be burned, if in the middle of the painting to go to the toilet and other things must be finished after washing hands can then draw.A Thangka painter should believe in Buddhism and know the scriptures, because thangka is not an ordinary art work, and many colors, movements and instruments in it are according to the Provisions of Buddhist scriptures. Therefore, in order to avoid painting mistakes, a Thangka painter should believe in Buddhism and know the scriptures.Thangka painters are vegetarian during their painting.Next, please enjoy a set of silver foil green tara thangka no. 188-414315: